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Home Business - Commercial Window Painting

Commercial window painting is one of the most unique, creative and least expensive home businesses to implement and will work for anyone with even a basic amount of artistic talent.

What is commercial window painting? Have you ever driven down a city street, particularly during the holiday season, and seen business windows decorated with candy canes, wreaths and gingerbread men which are painted onto the windows? Or seen a supermarket window that proclaims "Specials Today" in bright neon orange lettering? Then, you have probably seen an example of window painting.

Window painting is a means of painting a design on the inside of a window which can be viewed from the outside. To do this, the artist has to learn to paint the details of the painting in layers, working from the inside out, and allowing layers to dry in between coats of paint.

To learn window painting, find a glass door or large-paned window and practice working with the paints. Start with simple shapes such as circles and squares or basic characters and cartoons. Draw them on paper, and then use your drawing as a reference for your window design. Learn to add details such as outlining the shapes and adding backgrounds.

The paints you will use for window painting are available through most local craft supply stores - they are non-toxic, come in many colors including neon, and are water based (meaning they will wash off with water). You will need about eight basic colors to get started and can add more colors as your repertoire expands.

You will need an assortment of paint brushes in many different sizes, paper towels, window cleaner, a blow dryer (to quickly dry the paint layers), a drop cloth, some painter's tape to protect surfaces, a trash bag for clean-up, a small ladder in some cases, and the sketch of your planned design.

When working with a customer, get an idea of what the customer would like to appear on the window and work up a few sketches for him. Better yet, have some sketches already drawn from which the customer may select. Once a sketch has been selected, do not repeat it for any other customer - keep the designs original and unique to that customer's business.

Window painting may be priced by the hour or by the project. Projects can range from $25 for a simple "Buy Here" sign to $5,000 for an elaborate design on a 30 ft. tall glass window front which might include a scene of skiers slaloming down a mountain. Your prices should include the time involved to return at a later date to remove the paint from the window. Be sure to keep your work area clean and surrounding areas well-protected.

Larger projects will come as you build your reputation and painting skills - as will repeat customers, particularly for seasonal holiday displays. The best part is that most designs can be accomplished within an hour or two, and you are usually able to schedule your working hours to a time that is convenient for you.

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