To Run a Successful Computer Training Business at Home The first thing you need is the skills, not to open a document or create a table, but you must have enough skills to teach a class or a person.
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How to Run a Successful Computer Training Business at Home

The first thing you need is the skills. Not because you can open a document or create a table means that you are ready to be a computer trainer. Neither do you have to be certified, but you must have enough skills to teach a class or a person.

Here are my suggestions to get started:

1. Purchase a computer software book, for example, "Getting Started with Microsoft Word" by Certification Insider Press. This is the book you use to prepare for the Microsoft Office User Specialist Examination. Again, you do not have to become certified, but I do recommend that you do. The book comes with a CD and it has practice exercises to help you evaluate and update your skills. I believe the cost is only $19.99.

2. Become Certified. This gives you the edge and credentials to make people take you seriously. Go to Microsoft Certifications to find out more about becoming certified.

3. Practice, Practice, and Practice. You would be surprised at how smart and perceptive your students can be. They may ask you a question and may not remember how to perform a simple task. This can be embarrassing. So always keep practicing your skills.

4. Take a few classes yourself. Prepare, prepare and prepare. I canít stress that enough.

The following software training is in demand:

• Microsoft Word
• Microsoft Access
• WordPerfect 8
• Microsoft Excel
• Visual Basics
• Microsoft PowerPoint

Most companies want to hire people with one or more of these skills. The more skills you possess, the better it is to land a good paying job. There are lots of people who want to improve their skills for a better paying job and your training will offer that to them. If you offer a variety of classes, you will have more clientele. A person who takes the Microsoft Word class may come back for the Microsoft Excel class.

Here are a few places that offer tutorials and online courses for improving and learning new skills:

• Online Learning
• Open University
• Work at Home

Some people find it easier to take a course than to learn something from a textbook. When you are looking for a course, look for something short and simple. Look for courses that last five or ten evenings.

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