As much as people love to eat out, just as many would like to get the same restaurant food delivered to their home. At the same time there are a large number of restaurants that would like to offer a delivery service to their customers.
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Make Money With a Restaurant Delivery Service

If you are looking for a way to make money without money then a restaurant delivery business could be on the menu for you. As much as people love to eat out, the truth is that just as many of them would like to be able to get the same restaurant food while eating in the comfort of their own home. They like this for many reasons, sometimes they are just too tired from a hard day's work, and there are those that cannot get out due to a lack of their own transportation. Of course there are also a large number of handicapped people and senior citizens who cannot get out to eat out due to poor health.

At the same time there are a large number of restaurants that would be more than happy to have a service that would allow their food to reach a larger number of customers. These days the only home delivery service is offered by pizza companies and a person can only eat so much pizza.

Running a restaurant delivery service does take someone who has exceptional organizational skills and has a good working knowledge of the town you are planning on servicing. Before beginning your new business you will need to go around to all of your local restaurants and see if they would be interested in participating in your services.

You are going to need a reliable vehicle that is set up to carry food and drink while keeping the hot food hot and the cold foods cold. There are ways to do this cheaply to get started, such as using coolers you probably already have. Once you start bringing in a little money you might want to consider investing in commercial food warmers and coolers to make it a little easier, remember the food was hot when you picked it up, your customers expect it to be hot when they get it.

You will need copies of all the menus from the restaurants that you are covering; it is much easier if the customers call you and you place the orders, this avoids confusion. The easiest way to organize this is to print copies of each restaurant's menu out, with numbers next to each dish and hand them to your customers. One popular way to do this is to make it into a booklet that you can leave all over town, not only does this make your job easier but it is good advertising for your business.

If the restaurants you deal with have specials you should make sure that you call them on a daily basis so that you can pass the information on to your customers, restaurants love to sell their specials it is usually a high profit item.

As for what to charge there are a couple of different ways to get paid for your service, you can charge a flat fee to the customer for each delivery or in some instances the restaurants will pay you a percentage of the bill and the customer will tip you for the service.

Remember that fast, friendly and accurate service can create a gold mine with the new business you started with no money.

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Bucaro TecHelp Webmaster comment: I agree with everything in this interesting article by Mathieu Delaborde, however I would like to add that if you start a Restaurant Delivery Service business you will need an insultated container to keep the food hot (or cold) during delivery and you will need a map of, and familiarity with the delivery area.

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