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Must See Work From Home Franchises For the Pet Lover

There are plenty of good questions to ask yourself when looking for the right home-based business for you. What kind of business can I afford? How many employees do I need? What kind of loan do I need? But one question that you may not think to ask is, "Am I A Pet Lover?" The pet industry is bigger than it has ever been and it's growing every day. In fact, many major cities now have more dogs than people, which equates to big business for the right pet-loving entrepreneurs. Here's a look at some of the best pet franchises currently available, and whether you're a pet lover or not, it's easy to see how this multi-billion dollar industry can earn you some serious income as well as the repeat business that small businesses thrive on.

One of the most common and rewarding general business models within the greater heading of pet franchises is dog training. Though many dog training businesses are run out of a kennel or pound, it is also relatively common to run a dog training facility as a home business, and there are at least two great companies that you can franchise with if you too would like to help people get their beloved pets under control.

Canine Dimensions In-Home Dog Training is a great example. What they require of anyone coming to start a franchise with them is short and simple: you need to love dogs; that's it. With that in place, they can do all the hard work of teaching you to run a work-at-home business and get you trained and licensed to teach people how to control their furry companions.

Bark Busters is another excellent opportunity to learn the time-honored trade of dog training. In fact, this franchise opportunity is one of the best of its kind, having come a long way from a humble operation just south of Sydney, Australia to being recognized as the top of its class worldwide in Entrepreneur magazine. They'll give you all you need to know to train dogs out of poor behavior and train people in how to keep the good behavior, both the dog's and their own. Interpersonal skills are a plus in this franchise as well, because half of what you do as a Bark Busters franchisee is teach the people who own the animals.

We people have toilets that are designed to automatically clean up the messes that we make with the press of a lever, but dogs, unfortunately, don't have such a technological advantage. They have the grass, and when their remains fall into the grass, there is no flushing; it just sits there until someone with a shovel or a plastic baggy cleans it up. And while owners are more than happy to train, play with, scratch, and feed their animals, I've never met anyone overjoyed to scoop the leftovers. With more and more dogs born every day, it's easy to see how a pet waste removal franchise has a viable market that can only get bigger. Here's two franchises who's work, while not that glamorous, helps people keep clean yards, obey city laws and can make a great income for the franchisee.

Doody Calls and Pet Butler are part of a new class of pet franchises: the type that are run by people who epitomize humble service by cleaning up dog poop. It sounds strange, of course, but both companies agree that taking care of the part of owning a dog that owners don't want to deal with is both profitable and strangely rewarding. The business model, fortunately, doesn't keep the owner holding a shovel for the next fifty years.

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