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Turn Seven Daycare Stressors into Blessings

A home daycare can be a rewarding profession for moms who want to stay at home with their own children. Yet, there may not be any other job that is more stressful. Be aware of the seven biggest stresses and turn them into blessings instead.

Stressor Number 1 - Operating Costs are High.

Solution: Apply to have your daycare contracted through the region. Contact someone in Children Services in your region or county regarding becoming a child care provider. A child service worker will come to meet you and discuss the region's policies. If you like what they have to say you sign a few documents and are well on your way to an increase in pay. The region may pay substantially more than parents will.

Stressor Number 2 - Not Enough Children in Your Care to Off-Set Costs.

Solution: Build A Waiting List. A waiting list will be your most valuable asset. Turn over rate is high for home daycares so do not take it personally or become discouraged. Be prepared. Keep your daycare in the public eye by having a website, running a continuous small ad in the local paper and have a sign outside your home. Tell everyone you know what you are doing and ask them to tell a friend.

Stressor Number 3 - Too Much Work, Not Enough "Down Time".

Solution: Schedule regular breaks for yourself.

“ There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them. - Sylvia Plath ”

Finding ways to de-stress is very important. In order to find balance and moderation there must be things in your life that you enjoy doing that are calming and restorative. Do not try to do it all. Read a book or knit while the children are watching TV. Do something you enjoy. Arrange to have grandparents or friends watch your own children for an evening once a week so you can relax. Do what is relaxing for you and rejuvenate your spirit.

Stressor Number 4 - Cook, Serve, Clean... Cook, Serve, Clean... Over and Over Again.

Solution: Create a monthly menu plan to follow and keep it simple. Again, do not try to do it all. Keep your snacks and meals simple and child-friendly. Use a calendar or spreadsheet to list snacks and lunches for a month. Usually one week will fit on one page. Use this chart when you go shopping and it will allow you to buy in bulk and to catch things when they are on sale. It will also prevent the added frustration of having to think each day about what you want to feed the children only to find out you have run out of a necessary ingredient.

Stressor Number 5 - The Place is a Mess!

Solution - Hire an affordable cleaning service. As soon as your budget allows hire someone to clean your daycare area every one or two weeks. This will be in addition to the daily cleaning you will be doing of course. But it will give you a break and help reduce the spread of germs. You are already doing so much work, let someone else do the deep cleaning.

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