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Start a PC Cleaning Business

Want a home business with very low startup costs, only very light physical labor in a temperature controlled environment, that doesn't require great technical knowledge, and provides a crucial service to all size business customers? Start a PC Cleaning Business.

To market your PC cleaning business, you'll need to get the message out to local businesses about the problems caused by dirt in PCs and the benefits of having clean PC's. Explain how eliminating these problems and receiving these benefits goes right to your customers bottom line.

Problems Caused By a Dirty PC

1. Dirt and dust accumulates on heat sinks acting as an insulator and causing chips to run hotter, reducing their life expectancy.

2. Dirt and dust accumulates on fans, including the power supply and CPU fans, causing them to lose efficiency and allowing heat to build up inside the case.

3. Dirt and dust accumulates on the case's ventilation holes blocking cool air from entering the case and blocking hot air from exiting the case.

4. Sticky mice, grimy keyboards, and dirty monitor screens reduce employee productivity.

Benefits of a Clean PC

1. Clean equipment runs cooler, extending its life expectancy.

2. A cooler running PC crashes less frequently resulting in less data loss.

3. A PC with a clean mouse, keyboard, and screen make the user feel better and become more productive.

Why would a business want to hire you clean their PCs rather than do it themselves?

1. Employees, especially IT department employees, don't like to clean PC's or anything else. It's below their dignity.

2. The company's PCs may be shared, that is, no individual has a specific PC that they alone always use. Employees don't like to clean up after somebody else.

3. The company's employees may not be technically qualified to clean a PC.

Your PC Cleaning Kit

antistatic wrist strap *
cotton swabs
paper towels
Lint free cloths
general purpose cleaner
rubbing alcohol
cleaning wipes designed for LCD screens *
can of compressed air *
buckets to hold cleaners and cloths
screwdriver to open case

* available from computer or office-supply stores

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