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Start a Soap Making Business and Clean Up

You really can easily start a soap making business and make some extra income. There are so many work at home business ideas that are just scams. Making and selling handmade soap as a business is no scam. Soap making is not a get rich quick scheme either. Many people like handmade soap and like to buy it from the maker.

There really is a huge market for natural soaps. People question the ingredients in commercial cleaning products. Many people are searching for a more basic and simple skin care product. Once someone has tried really well made soap products, they're hooked. Please don't even think about marketing soap until you're consistently producing the highest quality products. Produce junk and take people's money and your business is dead before it gets started, just as it should be.

Make sure you know what really good soap looks like, smells like and feels like. Do some product research by trying to find the really good soap out there. Find what you really like. Buy and try a lot of soap. Know what you're trying to produce.

Spend time learning to make really nice soap. Get some recipes that you like and make enough soap so every batch is a good one. Give lots of soap to your friends and family. Find out what they like and don't like. Begin to think about how you could make the soap easier. Can a few tools help you to go faster? Would different molds help? Choose suppliers that you like. Buy supplies in bulk quantities to save some money. Also calculate how much it costs you to make a bar of soap. That way you can know early on if you're making money. Also see how your cost would change if you bought supplies in larger quantities.

Once you're making great soap and you know what it costs, how do you find a market? I assure you there are people looking for soap to buy. Especially if you have something a little different, something unique to you.

There are dozens of ways to sell soap. One of the easiest ways to start is to sell at craft shows. You will probably want to start at small local shows to learn how to present your goods. Later on you can go to larger shows if you choose to do that. The real trick to selling at craft shows is building a customer list and marketing from your list from home. Build beautiful, quality products and your craft show customers will buy more from your little catalog or over the phone. You can easily learn to develop your own marketing material and sell without ever leaving home!

Selling soap is a real work from home way to make money while working at something you enjoy. You must develop a real quality product first though. Take as long as you need to get your product just right. Marketing is the real trick to making it as a soap maker. Marketing soap is fairly easy if you put yourself in the right place. With great soap and a good marketing plan, you can make money with handmade soap. You can clean up!

Al Bullington and his family have been making and selling soap for years. To learn more about how you too can start a soap making business, visit their site at The Soap Business Kit

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