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Consider Soy Candle Parties With You as the Candle Maker

Considering the thought of becoming a candle maker and conducting candle parties yourself is not nearly as scary as you might imagine. Since natural wax candles made of Soy or Palm waxes are hitting the market in a big way, these specialized candles will have your products standing out. Being the candle maker yourself, you are able to control the quality, pricing, time of delivery and profits. Representing one of the large candle companies selling their Soy candles or Palm wax candles puts you completely at their mercy.

Party planning for them leaves you collecting the remainder scraps for your own profit. No matter how it looks on paper, the large natural wax candle companies are making the profits. You are only their pawn promoting their products. When you do the candle parties, the cost to the company is less than having them hire an ad agency and doing promotional campaigns. Most only offer small cash percentages of the total sales from the party, if any, but usually will sell you their products discounted off the MSRP. Why do they never offer you a discount off the actual selling price of the candle?

Finding Your Niche

Candles can be made from all sorts of candle wax: Paraffin, Soy wax, Palm wax or beeswax. With the education of people concerning health issues, Soy, Palm and beeswax are making the boom in the candle business. You may want to consider making the natural wax candles because they come from natural sources, rather than paraffin wax which is derived from petroleum. Natural wax candles are also healthier to burn producing less soot, longer burning and do not irritate allergies.

For the purpose of this article, we will assume you have chosen to make Soy wax candles your specialty. Manufacturing Soy candles is more cost effective over the more expensive beeswax. Soy wax can be purchased for $1.50 per pound where beeswax sells for $5.00 and more per pound. The cost to produce beeswax is higher so naturally the retail cost of the beeswax is higher than Soy. Quantity purchasing of course reduces the cost per pound, but beeswax still will always cost more.

Do the Research and Possibly Finding a Coaching Resource

The Internet is the best place to do the research on "How to Make Soy Candles." Most candle suppliers have step-by-step instructions for the do-it-yourselfer. Some of these same suppliers offer themselves as coaches or tutors willing to help you get started in the Soy wax candle business. It's profitable for them to have you become a success and for you to continue buying your supplies from them. That's a fair trade for their knowledge and expertise.

Soy candle making kits is a good place to start. Take baby steps at first before making the plunge into becoming a candle maker. I suggest purchasing one of their Soy wax candle making kits which range in price from $49 to $150 and come with basic instructions. Make sure this is a business you will be interested in and enjoy. The best and most successful businesses are those that the owners actually enjoy doing. If you find the candle making business a real chore and dread the process of making Soy candles, you will fail and lay with other home business owners who have failed.

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