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Vending Machines and the Lure of the Instant Home Based Business

If you are considering vending machines as a home based business here are three very brief facts about vending.

1. Vending machines will start to earn revenue for your home based business almost immediately.
2. A brand new, high quality machine is actually very inexpensive.
3. Any machine at the right location has the very realistic possibility of paying for itself well within one year.

These three simple facts are from my 8 years of experience owning a vending business. I remember the day my first machine went into a location. It was a cigarette machine and after we hung it up on the wall in the bar we sat around and had a few beers. Within 30 minutes after we were done I watched my first customer walk up to my machine and buy a pack of cigarettes. I saw the instant cash flow happen, and it was wonderful.

I overpaid for that machine. It should have cost me only $2,400.00 plus tax, but instead I paid over $8,000.00 because I dealt with a business opportunity company and they gave me a location when I bought that machine from them. I can tell you, there is nothing more satisfying than watching someone put money into your vending machine. When I watched my first customer buy from me, the last thing I thought about was how much I spent, my business was now making money!

I was hooked and it was great. My first location generated a return for me of nearly $5,500.00 in the first year. That figure takes into account the commissions that I paid the bar for each pack of cigarettes I sold in the bar. My sales in 1996 averaged 300 packs of cigarettes per month with a $2.00 margin.

If I had purchased my first vending machine directly from a wholesaler and found that location myself I likely would have saved myself over $5,000.00 and paid off that cigarette machine within the first year.

But finding locations for a vending machine can be difficult and time consuming. A vending business opportunity company ( Rip-off Bizop Vending Company ) can sell you a vending machine with a location for your machine. Youíll pay substantially more for it, but they take the headache out of starting a business by providing a perfect combination of vending machines with a location so you can start earning revenue immediately. Itís the perfect lure for the instant home based business.

Mike Corbin's website www.no-vending-secrets.com challenges would be entrepreneur's to think differently about vending and avoid the vending business opportunity scams entirely!

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