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Event Planning Business

If you are in the Event Planning Business the strategies needed to make an event memorable and profitable are extremely important. They require a certain amount of planning and a whole lot of commitment to achieve the ultimate goal: Having a Great Event with just the right number of attendees! An event, which leads to even more success, referrals, more business, and most likely more people committed to the project in the future.

A special event is an event with a specific purpose, such as a special occasion (celebration of a milestone, conference, party, awards ceremonies, fairs). They are different from ongoing programs.

Strategies for Success:

1. If a company or host has hired you, they have already determined that the purpose of the event is important enough to warrant the expense and time necessary to put it on. If you are a volunteer leader, this must be the first step in determining whether or not to pursue the idea.

2. Do you need a team of volunteers/paid staff to execute a successful event? Involve your team in the planning. This core group will help develop the theme, select the location, and determine who else should be involved.

3. Determine the purpose of the event. Is it to make money? Is it to increase awareness of the product or company or organization? Is it to celebrate a success or a milestone? It might be a combination of all three. Once you know the purpose, you can plan accordingly.

4. Who is the target market? As an Event Planner, you may not be involved in that part of the planning. Your job may be just to stage an extraordinary event. The company or organization may be responsible for attendance.

5. How will you measure the success of the event? By the number of attendees, by the amount of money raised, by the number of people interested in helping out with future events?

6. If this event has been hosted in the past, talk with others who have worked on it before. Get their advice and support. Seeking the opinions and advice of others will help to elicit support for future success of the event. Find out what went right, what went wrong and how they measured success in the past. What are/were their expectations of this event? Were those expectations met or exceeded? If not, what would they have done differently? This will help you develop your Master Plan.

The Master Plan

"The master plan is the plan you create to ensure you have covered your bases when planning your event. Doing so will increase your chances of having a wildly successful outcome, leading to more referrals, happy clients and more sales." - Heidi Richards

1. Create your checklist. A checklist provides an organized roadmap to executing your event. What resources will you need, donations, people, money? - A sample checklist is included below.

2. Create a Timeline! This should be a part of the checklist and is perhaps the most important component of the document that will insure the success of your event. The timeline should include items such as, when programs are printed, when invitations/brochures should be printed and mailed, when to start the media or publicity campaign, when to order decorations. It includes registration deadlines. If it has not already been determined, the timeline also includes the location of the event.

3. Create your budget. This should include all revenue opportunities (registration sales, tickets, donations, sponsorship, concessions). It should also include expenses for printing, lodging, food, supplies, security, speakers, permits, insurance, postage and miscellaneous items yet to be determined.

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