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Photography Tricks That'll Leave You Spellbound

High-speed photo of a drop of water
High-speed photo of a drop of water by Michael Melgar
Wikimedia Commons

Today, photography is a lot easier than what it was a decade back. The modern digital cameras provide amateurs with the same techniques that experts use for generating top-quality images. With the passage of every year, these cameras are becoming more and more efficient. Thanks to high-storage memory cards, you can save up to 500 pictures in your clicking gadget. They offer all the tools and options that you need for taking sharp and crystal-clear photos. Besides, you have digital editing options that work as an implied darkroom on your PC.

Thanks to advanced technology, several aspects of camera work have become automated for you. The gadget focuses for you, settles on the exposure and determines the color balance. A few of them even fine-tune for your shaky hand, or recognize the faces of people in a snap. At the same time, it's crucial to remember that photography is beyond mere high-tech equipment. After all, it's not your camera that takes excellent snaps - just like it's not out microwaves or non-stick utensils that prepare great dishes. pictures quality greatly depend on the usage of your camera. Forget about technology, your eyes are the most expensive tools that you have.

Handy Photographic Techniques For Achieving Masterpiece Results

High-Speed Photography

You've surely seen professional photographers capturing the extreme moment of bursting balloons; water ripples, breaking crockery, or a bullet striking an apple. The basic aim of this kind of photography is to capture different objects in motion. You, as an amateur, can also take such high-speed snaps. All you need to have is a good camera, loads of patience and the right clicking technique. For example, if you want to capture a falling water droplet, follow these steps. First of all, hit the surface of water; next, estimate the amount of time that the drop would take to fall. Don't forget to create some delay between the fall and the trigger. Finally, you're successful in taking the snap of a falling droplet.

Tilt-Shift Photography

Do you remember the TV show - Mr. Roger's Neighborhood? If yes, commit the very first scene to your memory. It was perhaps the finest instance of tilt-shift photography. These pictures are generally cute, vibrant and tend to make the world around us seem a bit smaller and cozier. Tilt shift lenses strictly concentrate on a part of the picture and blur (shift) the backdrop to create a visual illusion of underplayed scenery. Actual tilt shift lenses are pretty expensive; however, you can meet a similar effect with the use of Photoshop, once you've taken the snap.

High-Dynamic (HD) Range photography

Generally, even our naked eyes are incapable of seeing all the dynamic details in any photograph. Hence, HD Range photography is more like a post processing step, and not a mere photography trick. This kind of photography attracts viewers with its be dazzling focus on details and its outstanding display of colors. Beautiful and rich images generated using HD range techniques keep the viewers arrested and mesmerized. Since films came into existence, HD range photography has earned recognition. However, in the recent times, it became highly popular and well-liked. With this kind of photography, you get access to a deeper and wider range of colors.

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