Have you ever wondered how you can earn a little extra cash from things that you already do? with the skill to create new and interesting photographs, there is the possibility that you can create a small extra income.
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How to Make a Little Extra Money With Micro Stock Photography

Have you ever wondered how you can earn a little extra cash from things that you already have an interest in and "do"? Most of us have considered a way to make the extra cash, usually online with minimal effort.

One of the most popular new schemes that has come about is Micro Stock photography sites. Using the good quality existing photographs that are on your hard drive, and with the skill to create new and interesting photographs, there is the possibility that you can create a small extra income.

By no means is this a massive money making scheme that will earn you millions, but it is an easy source of income which requires you to spend very little time out of your home life and so is a great way to be able to sit back and have a few extra dollars towards next weeks shopping. If you are talented and are lucky enough to get noticed then there is also the chance that you may become well known on the sites and have more images of yours bought, or even contacted to be offered regular work.

How exactly does it work?

You upload your photographs onto a micro stock website. They are checked out by people who run the sites and either accepted or rejected. Those photographs which are accepted are then put onto the site and the viewers, usually website owners, advertisers, brochure⁄catalog creators - will get the opportunity to view these photographs and buy the right to use them for $0.50 - $1.

You will retain all ownership of the images which means that they can be used and bought over and over, bringing you the possibility to earn "royalties" for a long time.

There is normally a fee that you are required to pay the stock photography website, which is around $1 - $2, so it is only worth putting the very good photo's or very unique that will earn you back your fees.

There's demand in this type of business and the more unique and sought after images, taken by the better photographers are going to sell better. Using a good website to host your images is also important.

Here are a few pointers to get you started:

• Research.

Find out what sorts of images are most likely to bought. Consider that there are bound to be plenty of photographs of beautiful landscapes and so more personal images that are specific will bring less competition.

• Check out all the stock photography sites.

Maybe not literally all the sites, but it is best to check out how well your photo's are going to do on one site to the next.

If you use a website that is cheaper to host your photo's, but lesser known, then you can end up being faced with the problem that you have paid out but no-one is getting to view your pictures. If you go for the most used site, then you might have too much competition. So find a site that suits the sort of photography that you are going to sell and that will showcase you well.

• Find a niche?

It probably will work out better for you to sell a wide range of photographs rather than just one specific topic; But having said that, if you are already confident in what you do and do it well, then it is possible to stick to one or two categories.

Where can I sell my photo's?

Remember, you can just start off with one photo and so do not need to have a massive portfolio to begin using these stock photography sites. There are quite a few sites online that offer this service so just do a Google search for micro stock photography.

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