Most Photographers Don't Understand That The Backbone To The Photography Business, The "Engine" If You Will, That Drives The Photo Business, Is Getting Lots And Lots Of Qualified People To Know You Exist, And To Call You Now.
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Photography Marketing Tip - Eight Steps to Getting Free Exhibits of Your Photography

How's your photography business doing? Is the telephone ringing as much as you want it to?

Most Photographers Don't Understand That The Backbone To The Photography Business, The "Engine" If You Will, That Drives The Photo Business, Is Getting Lots And Lots Of Qualified People To Know You Exist, And To Call You Now.

And the single, most effective way to market your photography business is through EXHIBITS of your photography throughout the community where your target market lives, shops, eats, has her hair done, etc.

You see, the "job" of your photo marketing is not to get the phone to ring a lot. It's to get the phone to ring with QUALIFIED, EDUCATED prospects who like your work and honestly feel they just might want to work with you. It makes your sales work on the telephone much easier! And it saves you a lot of time on the telephone, talking with people who end up not being qualified at all.

Here's Eight steps to getting FREE exhibits of your photography all over town:

Step Number 1. Order the least expensive 16x20's of your best work. I recommend you order two or three of each image, as the duplicates are less costly. Many times I use the same portrait in several of my exhibits around town. No problem. (Start with 16x20's. You can go up in size later as cash flow allows.)

Step Number 2. Travel around town and make a list of at least 20-25 places where you would LIKE to have an exhibit. I recommend you not waste your time, at least not to start, with franchises. Look for locally owned and operated businesses.

Here's the most effective places I have found work the best:

Malls, Movie Theaters, Restaurants, Hair Salons, Office Buildings with high traffic, Children's clothing stores, Bridal Stores, Banks, Performance Halls, Book stores,

Step Number 3. Next, begin by picking the top five places on your list where you really want an exhibit, and put on your calendar what day you are going out to talk with them within the next week. It must be in your schedule, or you won't do it.

Step Number 4. Suggestion: Don't call ahead. Just walk in, unannounced, carrying two 16x20 framed portraits under your arms. One of a child, and one of a bride. I never call ahead of time. Just walk in and ask for the owner.

Step Number 5. Talk in terms of how they can benefit. You are NOT asking for a favor. Not at all. What you are doing is presenting a "Joint Venture" marketing plan for both of you. And be ENTHUSIASTIC about this!

Step Number 6. When they say yes, let them know you will be back in a few days to put the exhibit up. You are going to custom make it for them, to go with their decor, etc.

Step Number 7. Put the exhibit up either on the walls, or on easels. If you use easels, use different heights, some high, and some low, and be sure to use several rather large baskets of silk flowers mixed in with the easels, to add to the beautify of it, and to help hide some of the legs of the taller easels.

Step Number 8. On the day you put the exhibit up, be sure to take some high quality ambient light photos of the exhibit, so you can add them to your portfolio of displays, and show them to everyone else you talk to about getting exhibits.

Your key to success lies within the actions you take. You need to do the right things - those things that are PROVEN to work - but you DO HAVE TO TAKE ACTION!

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