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Wedding Photography at the Rehearsal Dinner - a Growing Trend

Wedding photographers have traditionally been hired to document marriage ceremonies and receptions. While those two events have always been the main focus, there's a world of memories to capture during the rehearsal dinner. Unfortunately, the night before the ceremony is often neglected. Treasured moments are left to the fleeting memories of those in attendance.

An experienced photojournalist can not only catch unique, never-to-be-repeated moments, but also pave the way for better interaction with guests the following day. Below, we'll describe how photographing the rehearsal dinner can add to - and support - the central theme of the photo album. We'll also explain how it can lead to higher-quality pictures the next day.

An Essential Element Of The Story

While the bride and groom are pivotal, their friends and family are essential to the construction of the story. Wedding photographers know that their exposure to these people will be limited during the ceremony and reception. But, the night before provides more access and greater opportunity to capture memorable moments. The gathering is usually smaller and filled with the people who are most important to the bride and groom.

For many of them, it's a reunion of sorts. An alert photojournalist can document the emotions that emerge from renewed connections between longtime friends. As important as the emotions during the following day, these connections are a vital piece of the growing story.

The Celebration Before The Ceremony

Another reason to photograph the rehearsal dinner is that it is where the true celebration begins. Often, more people are inspired to toast the couple, and they do so with greater sincerity. And even though the event is typically more relaxed than the ceremony, it's also a time when powerful emotions begin to surface. Indeed, it's a cathartic experience for many of the guests. Wedding photographers can record these moments, documenting them for posterity.

Building The Storyline

A telling circumstance that occurs during the rehearsal dinner involves the nature of the guests' interaction with the bride and groom. Attentive wedding photographers can identify which guests are most important to the couple. In doing so, they can focus on the storyline threads which the couple considers more significant, even if they haven't expressly communicated as much. When the pictures are finally organized into the photo album, these elements of the storyline can have a lasting, emotional impact.

Unexpected Treasure

One of key advantages of photographing the rehearsal dinner is also one of the most overlooked. Often, guests are hesitant in front of the camera during the ceremony and reception. Wedding photographers can use the time during the rehearsal dinner to interact with many of the guests, increasing their level of comfort. By the following day, they've often lost their shyness of the camera and are more comfortable being themselves. This allows the photojournalist to capture an emotional sincerity that might otherwise have been suppressed.

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