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Professional Photographers - Develop Relationships with Local Hair Salons

One of the keys to effective marketing is to have multiple impressions or communications with potential clients. While there are a number ways this can be done, one of the most effective is to create a mutually beneficial relationship with a local hair salon.

Hair salons often see their clients on a monthly or more bases. The nature of the business is simply one of a repeat nature. Your having a presence in a hair solon means your message will have repeat exposure. Hair salons are also in the beauty business. They want to make their clients look good. You as a photographer are often in the business of capturing the image of a person while they looking their best.

This relationship in what the two professionals do, provides wonderful opportunities to work together to create value for your customers while increasing bottom line of both businesses. Whether you are a high end Laguna Beach wedding photographer seeking to work with the best stylsts California has to offer or are a childrens photographer in a small town seeking to work with discount shop in the local mall, these tips will apply.

1. Exhange with the salon the placing of your business at the desk with providing artistic gallery wrap prints of their clents for the walls of the Salon. These prints can provide the salon with graphic examples of the work they do and having the business cards there will give you increased exposure to potential clients.

2. Offer the services of the solon and you photography as a packaged deal to potential clients. After spending $150 to look their bests, many clients will want to capture the effects of their investment through a professional photoshoot. This provides motivation to purchase a packaged deal. You and the hair salon can expand each others' client base. People coming into the salon will become aware of your services and by the same token, you can send out an email to all you clients explaining the packaged deal and the great services the salon provides.

3. Offer to spend one day a quarter, or a month in the salon taking free pictures of clients. This provides the salon with an extra value added service they can offer their clients. This offers the photographer an opportunity to meet new clients and make money off of prints.

A beauty salon and a photography business are a good match for creating mutually beneficial business relationships. They are similar enough to appeal to the same customer base and different enough to not be competing for the same services.

Vanessa and Stephen Honda run Laguna Beach Photography studio that specializes in weddings and portrait photography.

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