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Start a New Business by Getting Paid to Take Digital Photographs

Wherever in the world you live, you can make money using even the simplest digital camera! There is a massive online and offline demand for good quality pictures, and while some of that demand does not reward you financially, there is every opportunity to get paid a decent sum for the photographs you supply.

Before the invention of digital photography, unless you were a professional, with dark-room facilities of your own, you were at the mercy of photograph processing outlets to get your photographs developed and printed. Unfortunately many of these outlets were run appallingly, not only losing photos, but also taking far too long, and charging ridiculous fees for producing inferior quality work.

Now, however, the answer lies in our own hands. If we have a digital camera, even if it is from the cheaper end of the market, we can get from the picture's creation to its production in a matter of minutes. You can even see it the second after you release the shutter!

So, where does the demand actually come from?

Of course traditional sources like our newspapers and magazines, both print and online, frequently request readers to send in their photographs of events, incidents or just something a little quirky! Before the arrival of digital photography, this was almost unknown.

However, the real demand comes from:

Internet website designers and publishers across a wide variety of subject matter
Holiday and travel companies, for both their print brochures and online
Online and offline real estate agents
Post card publishers
The whole of the greetings card industry
Lifestyle and specialty magazines
Advertising agencies
Gossip magazines and websites
E-brochure publishers ... and so on.

I think you now get the picture.

As mentioned earlier, it really does not matter whether you live in Tennessee, Torquay, or Timbuktu, the web is borderless and you can send your photographs to anywhere where a defined market exists. So, where might you be able to identify this market? While there are not too many websites offering you this opportunity, a simple search on Google, Yahoo, MSN or whatever other favourite search engine you have, should reveal sufficient to keep you busy for a few hours reading through their requirements.

These are a few of the subject matters that are in demand:

Cute babies, especially more than one in the picture
Animals, particularly looking regal, cute or funny
Stunning scenery/landscapes
Flowers, trees, shrubs and gardens, formal and informal
Well known landmarks
Children and adults at family parties
Houses, interiors and exteriors
Architectural and historical buildings of note
Sports events/players/spectators etc.
Cars and motor bikes

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