There are certain photos that sell like hot cakes on eBay. This article discusses what is best to shoot and other things to be aware of.
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Top Tips for Selling Photos on eBay

With its high Internet profile, eBay is certainly one avenue that you need to be checking out when you are looking to go about selling your photos online. The first question that needs to be asked however is, what are the best types of photos to take in order to make sales on eBay? This article will address that question as well as other things that you need to be aware of when selling photos on eBay.

eBay, as well as other auction sites, host a great many photographs for sale. At the risk of stating the obvious, going to the site and seeing what is already selling is the smartest way to gague what types of photos you should be taking.

Certainly the best selling photos on eBay are antiques which you obviously cannot create but you will find that unique celebrity shots and one-of-a-kind images are also very popular. Unique photos of sporting events, nature shots and weird photos all sell like ice cream on a hot summers day.

When you sell photos on eBay there are some rules that you must follow.

1. Be specific about what you are selling: a print, resell rights or public usage rights.
2. Make sure you have read and understand eBays rules for selling photographs and that you adhere to their nudity and privacy rules where appropriate.
3. Supply your contact details and samples of your work in the item description wherever possible.

In reference to point 1 if you are selling with resell rights then you are giving your customer the right to resell your image. If you sell with full rights then you will not be able to sell the photo later on because you will no longer be in possession of the rights.

If you are giving the customer the full rights to your photo then you must ensure that charge an appropriate price as this will be the only sale you make. You could sell the photos resell rights anywhere from $50 to $1000 a photo, depending on the type of photo and its uniqueness.

If however, you sell public usage rights your customer will not be able to resell the photo but they will be able to publicly display your photos. You will be able to sell these photos to an unlimited amount of people with market saturation (meaning you have sold the photo so many times that no-one else wants to buy it because it has become too popular) being your only potential problem. Generally these types of photos sell from $2 to $30 a piece on eBay.

Screensavers are a very popular sales item on eBay. You can design your own screensavers by going to and searching for the keyword - screensavers. It will list hundreds of screensaver programs that are available for immediate download. After you have created your screensaver with your downloaded program, login to your eBay account and list it for sale. You will be able to sell that same screensaver over and over again. There are no limits here.

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