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Free Online Book Marketing for Authors

Millions of people browse the web and shop online to make purchases. Why not create web content promotion and purchasing links that point to you, your books, services and products? Changes in the publishing industry, like digital formats and reading devices, have caused publishers to scramble for survival in the digital age, leaving authors the responsibility of book marketing - print and eBooks.

A solid publisher's book marketing campaign may only consist of traditional methods - newspapers, magazines, book reviews, trade articles, literary journal excerpts, publishing industry listings, library recommendations, book signings, public speaking engagements, television and radio interviews, and personal appearances. Although your publisher may also sell your book online, it may be a good idea for you to encourage your publisher to create Internet buzz that will increase your book sales, literary credibility and income opportunities.

However, publishers' book promotion budgets are so tight and getting tighter that you can bet you will not be able to ask for and receive a more extensive marketing program than the one your publisher offers other authors. With this in mind, investigate the idea of doing your own Internet book marketing to augment your publisher's efforts. There are several ways to make and save money using free web resources to create web presence, Internet buzz and a free book marketing campaign.

Web Content as a Way to Increase Book Sales

To increase your Internet visibility, arrange a free web presence campaign to complement the book marketing campaign that your publisher conducts or an independent book marketing campaign if you are self-published. Write and distribute free online press releases and articles to increase interest in you and your book. In these web distributions, include links to:

Reviews of Your Book
Excerpts from Your Book
Your Author Biography
Book Ordering Information
Literary Contributions
Publication List
News Coverage
Speeches You Have Made
Public Service

To entice web news services to pick up your story for their target audience, keep your web content newsworthy and lively, and not reading like promotional material. Following news guidelines, you may be quoted by news services. Being quoted increases your chances for subscriptions or syndication.By keeping the writing fresh - meaning not copied directly or duplications of other writing you have already placed on the web in previous articles or press releases - your stories will continue to receive search engine attention.

When you recycle web content from articles and press releases you have written for submission in locations around the web, be sure to thoroughly re-write and edit the copy, adding new text, links, videos and photographs (if the service allows images and videos). By the way, before you chose a submission service, free or paid, note what features they have available for you to upload images and video, and add URL links.

If you are not an author, but intend to use your web presence campaign to secure public speaking engagements to increase product sales or promote your business, your Internet press releases and articles can cover new product descriptions, announce personnel promotions or publicize where you have spoken in public or will be speaking in the future. Be sure to include in your promotional materials as many live links to your relevant websites, blogs, contact page, ordering information and catalogues as the free press release and article submission service will allow. And explore several services to maximize your reach.

Compile a list of free internet press release and article submission services that you can regularly use on a periodic basis to file items. Then, use the same Internet promotion tools to market yourself, not only as an author, but also as a public speaker, editor, editorial consultant, ghostwriter, professional writing coach, scriptwriter, speech writer, producer or whatever your specialty may be.

Another method to make browsing searches easier for prospective customers to purchase your book and clients to contract your services is to build free websites, free blogs, free video channels and social media networks. Cross promote all of the Internet media for your web presence campaign by using URL and blog directories, social network bookmarking, Internet conversational groups, free search engine submissions, forums, virtual communities and the cloud. For example, write search engine optimized Internet press releases, articles, blog text, website copy and comments on blogs, in which you may include active links that point to contact and ordering information for your books and digital products.

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