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Selling Your eBook Through a Blog

Blog is a contraction of the words web log and its a special kind of website where the owner or author of the blog makes entries called posts. Most posts are related to the specific topic of the blog, but some people use their blog similar to a diary, where they just express their thoughts. Posts can be made daily, hourly, weekly, or randomly. Posts are displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appearing first).

One of the specific things that makes a blog different than a website is that the author of a blog can permit visitors to their blog to leave comments related to their latest post. One the reasons I advise using a blog, rather than a regular website, to sell your ebook, is because you can use a blog to actually write your ebook.

You can write your ebook as a series of blog posts, and after each post, if you've configured your blog to allow it, visitors will make comments about your post and provide additional information related the topic of your post. These comments and additional information can be very helpful in developing your ebook.

Then, one day, you discontinue making posts, grab the information from your blog and edit it into your ebook. You publish your ebook, and on your blog you put a cover picture along with a link where people can purchase your ebook. The advantage of using your blog to sell your ebook is that you will have already developed targeted traffic to your blog, visitors who are interested in the topic of your ebook.

After you've published your ebook and are selling it on your blog, there's no reason you can't continue creating posts related to the topic of your ebook, and accepting comments and additional information from your blog's visitors. Involved visitors will have a high probability of purchasing your ebook. And all this new information can be used for a future second addition.

Setting Up Your Blog

Although you can host and develop your blog yourself, most people, and even most large corporations, generally use a blogging platform. A blogging platform is a website that is already setup with a blogging application. There are many different blogging platforms, each with different features. Many very powerful blogging platforms are free. Below are descriptions of the most popular free blogging platforms.


WordPress blog
is an example of a WordPress blog.

Wordpress is the number one blogging platform. It's also the most customizable. With WordPress you use plugins to add functionality and customize your blog. However, the Wordpress interface can seem intimidating to new users, and although a blog on wordpress.com is free, they nickle and dime you to death for simple things like editing the styles or changing the fonts.

However the Wordpress application itself is open source software, so if you have a webhost that uses php, you can download and install the Wordpress software and do all the customizing you want for free.

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