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How to publish for the Barnes and Noble Nook eBook Reader

Not only is Barnes and Noble the biggest brick and mortar book store, especially since the demise of Borders, but since it's release of the Nook in 2009, it's also the second largest seller of eBooks. One thing that puts the Nook a hair ahead of amazon's Kindle, in some peoples opinion, is that you can sit in the coffee shop at any Barnes and Noble book store and use their free WiFi to download eBooks (many of them free).

To publish for the Nook, you need to open an account at barnesandnoble.com. That's very easy to do, but then you also need to create a PubIt! account. To do that go to PubIt! Registration and log in with your barnesandnoble.com username and password.

To create a PubIt! account you'll need to enter all kinds of personal information. You'll need to enter your social security number, your credit card number, your bank account number, and your bank accounts routing number so that they can make automatic deposits.

Personally, I don't think you should have to enter any personal account numbers until you are actually owed some money. Barnes and Noble claims the reason you need to enter your credit card information incase the amount of returns exceeds the amount of earnings. In any case, if you want to sell your eBooks at Barnes and Noble, your at their mercy. I would recommend setting up a special bank account for automatic deposits and making sure it never contains a large amount of money.

After you've completed your PubIt! account you can upload your eBook. Select "Add a title" and click on the [Browse] button to locate the eBook file on your computer. Then click on Upload and Preview. A popup window appears with your eBook displayed in a Nook simulator. You can page through your eBook to make sure it works. This is really cool.

PubIt! accepts eBooks in the ePub, Microsoft Word, HTML, RTF, and TXT file formats. The eBook file must be less than 20 MB. You can also upload a cover image, which is advisable if you really want to sell eBooks. The cover image file must be a .JPG file between 5KB and 2MB, and between 750 to 2000 pixels in length. I tried using a cover image less than 750 pixels tall, and it wouldn't accept it.

Once you have the eBook file and cover image uploaded, you have to enter a bunch of information about your eBook, such as a description, subject categories, what age group is it most suited for, some key phrases for searching, and the writer's BIO. You can actually quit your session and work this information out offline, then log back in. It's best to know what information you'll need and have it ready.

One thing you'll need to do is set the price for your eBook. If you set the price between $.99 and $9.99 you'll receive 65 percent royalty. If you set the price higher than $9.99, your royalty drops to 40 percent. And you were wondering why so many eBooks are priced at $9.99. The maximum price you can set is $199.99.

After you click Put On Sale, check back at barnesandnoble.com in 24 to 72 hours and search for your eBook. Even after uploading your eBook, if you're not ready to put it on sale, don't click Put On Sale and logout. You can log back in later and finish the process. Even after your eBook goes on sale, you can login, go to the My Titles page, and in the Action drop-down menu choose Take off Sale.

Even after your eBook is put on sale you can make changes. You can replace your eBook file, cover image, or product data. However some changes will cause your eBook to lose any existing reviews. And it will again take 24 to 72 hours for your changes to go into effect.

After your eBook has been on sale for a while, you can login to PubIt!, click on the My sales tab, and view the number of eBooks sold by day and month and the total revenue that you have accrued. You'll be paid 60 days after the close of the calendar month in which the sales occur if you have accrued a minimum of $10 in royalties.

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