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Preparing Your eBook for Kindle - A Simple Step-By-Step Guide

Have a book you're dying to share with the world? Sigil is an open source program available for free online that will allow you to quickly and easily convert your book to the .epub format for submission to Kindle ebooks and elsewhere.

Publishing options for ebooks abound, but if you've honed in on the opportunity to self-publish your ebook with Amazon - for the Kindle - or elsewhere and need an .epub format file, you probably need some words of encouragement, a pat on the back for writing a worthy and unique book, and a little help converting your book to the proper format for publication. I'm here for ya! I'll walk you through the wonderful Sigil Program .epub formatting process.

Alright, the first thing you're going to want to do is open your document in whatever program you've created it in and use the "Save As" feature to save the document as HTML. Then go online and grab the free Sigil program and install it on your computer. Open your .HTML document in Sigil and immediately use the "Save As" feature to save your document with an .epub extension (It's the only option available in the program.). Now you have a document that is in the correct file type for submission to Amazon's Kindle ebooks, but don't stop now; your book still needs to be properly formatted - this is where you're going to fall in love with Sigil!

Sigil free Kindle eBook compiler

Here are the six steps to follow to convert your document using Sigil:

1. Separate Your Book into Sections: Scroll down your document until you find the your first "Chapter" break and use the Sigil squiggle button (fifteenth option from the left on the top panel of screen) to create a break in the document. Repeat this process throughout your document wherever you want a separation in the document. (Save your work.)

o If you observe the left column of your screen as you work you'll notice that each time you click on the Sigil squiggle a new file is created - pretty cool, huh? This is the feature you'll use to separate your cover page from your copyright page, dedication page, chapters, etc. It's fast and easy: place your cursor where you want a break and click the Sigil squiggle!

2. Creating Your Table of Contents: In the left-hand column, double-click on the first file. The first section you created will appear in the main window. Highlight the title of your book and use the drop down menu to select "Heading1" (the little window in the first position of the second row at top panel). Highlight your name and select "Heading 2" from the drop down menu. Move (double-click on second file in list on left) and highlight "Chapter 1", then select "Heading 3" from the drop down menu. Follow this procedure throughout your book files. (Save your work.)

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