One of the most important parts of creating your own information product is the eBook cover that you choose. First impressions are everything. Let's face it, no matter how good your book is, a boring eCover will turn buyers away.
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Make a Stunning Free eBook Cover in Five Minutes or Less - Without Photoshop!

One of the most important parts of creating your own information product is the eBook cover that you choose. First impressions are everything. Let's face it, no matter how good your book is, a boring eCover will turn buyers away.

Many first time product creators make the mistake of paying someone else to design their covers for them. This is really nothing more than a way for other people to take your hard earned money away. Some designers will tell you that using expensive programs like Photoshop is the only way to create a cover that really stands out. But that is just not true. You can make great covers for your eBook, and you can do it for free - without relying on overpriced web designers or expensive software programs. Really!

There are many free websites on the internet that will let you create great eBook covers for nothing. These sites even give simple instructions so that you can design everything in as little as five minutes to ten minutes.

Don't let the word "simple" fool you though. You are still the designer and you can still make these covers as specific to your needs as you want. However, please keep in mind, that if designing is really NOT your thing, you are also, at this point totally free to make a really ugly cover with poor use of color that wouldn't sell a heater to an Eskimo. (This might be a reason to outsource. But I digress...)

Do you want to know a BIG SECRET that all the top internet marketers know? Customers don't care about your eBook cover quite as much as you do. Yes, they are attracted to covers that are interesting and easy on the eyes, but that is where it ends. The average online customer does not care about all of the eBook styles, designs, and graphics that are out there. All that they are really looking for is something that will catch their eye, nothing more and nothing less. All you need to do is create a cover with a catchy title, a free clip art image, and some colors are proven to sell. That's it. That is all you need to start selling your product. (Maybe you don't need to outsource after all. Hmmmmm...?)

However, when you start selling multiple products, THAT is when you should start to think about paying for an eCover service. Usually these services are pretty cheap - and they are always much cheaper than buying and learning Photoshop. They also offer a lot of options for you. This is especially important if you are offering different products to the same customer base, because you will want each of your products to have their own unique look. (Don't you just love it when I argue BOTH sides of the fence?)

Take MyEcoverMaker for example. This service is perfect for the marketer who is just starting to create multiple eBooks, because it is designed to grow with you. There is a 'per download' option that will only charge you when you create an eCover, and there are also 'per month' and 'per year' options so that you can get unlimited downloads for a set price. In the beginning when you only have a few products, you can simply pay per cover, then when your business starts to grow you can easily upgrade to a low monthly fee.

Of course, some people don't need to grow their eBook business. Some people already know that they will need a lot of eCovers over time. This is where sites like eBookCoversPro come in handy. For a set price you can use this easy tool for life. Yes, the price is a little higher than monthly subscriptions, but this tool is easy to use and you have unlimited use. If you are only creating a few products this year, then this might not be the best option for you. But, if you are creating many products every year, then this tool will pay for itself many times over.

Many product creators fall into the trap of believing that they need to hire someone else to design their eBook covers for them. Don't let this happen to you. You don't need Photoshop, you don't need to pay someone else hundreds of dollars to do this easy job for you. Instead, take five minutes to try the free services that are out there, and when your business starts to grow you can start to look into the paid sites. You'll be glad you did.

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Webmaster message: Online 3D Package is a donation⁄advertising supported website that lets you instantly create 3d-box images online, free! Just upload pictures for cover and sides and then get 3d-box in you favorite image format (JPG, GIF, PNG supported). Post them in your blog or anywhere else. I recommend that you View their gallery first to see what a good eBook cover should look like, and just what this application is capable of.

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