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Turning Your Experiences into Profit-Producing eBooks

Building your own business around what you already know or have experienced is one of the easiest, fastest and most proven methods of escaping the job market in search of your own profit- producing home-based business. You may not believe it, but you already have a pot-of-gold within your reach right now - sitting, waiting to be turned into products you can sell online.

By packaging your knowledge, experiences and stories into digital ebooks, booklets or even your own course or workshop, you have the foundation for a very profitable small venture.

What have you done or experienced in your life that has demanded you study, research, explore or learn by working through it? What changes have you gone through that have made you stronger? What challenges have you faced that have taught you what only someone who has been through your experience would know?

At first, examples may not come flooding into your head, but think a little longer and you should be able to come up with dozens.

Some Brain Trigers

Let's go back in time, at least for many of us to the time you came out of school and began your work life. What did you learn? What challenges did you have? Do you remember taking personality tests, working with counselors to help you find your aptitude? How about researching different kinds of careers to find a match? How easy was that experience?

In my case, I had fully expected to work through a law degree after University and become a lawyer. I recall working with our career counselors - even in high school, that had some really neat methods of discovering strengths.

Next, I remember having a very challenging time trying to understand, first-hand, what it meant to work as a lawyer - to even meet and talk with other lawyers in the field.

What could I learn from this?

Moving from school to the workforce is a crucial time in a woman or man's life. Everyone wants you to succeed, many people want to help - but there are frustratingly few resources to help.

Could you package some research on personality and aptitude testing with a range of first-hand profiles about many common careers? You could solicit a few pages from several career choices to give an "insider's" approach to particular fields of work.

How about other experiences you went through:

• Marriage advice including who to marry, advice on relationships leading up to marriage, how to organize your wedding, handling budget and family issues with weddings, etc...
• Raising children, you can't tell me you didn't learn a great deal for those of you who have raised children
• Changing careers or advancing in your career. It seems we all go through many life lessons as we work through career advancement. If you had to look back, what advice could you provide that would really help if you had it all to do again?
• How about health. Were you able to try and find methods of stress relief, ways to reduce pain or suffering from illness, methods of losing weight or increasing overall fitness? You may think this field is highly competitive, and it is, but there is always room for added tips and strategies based on real experience
• Travel, do you have some hints or tips on traveling?

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