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Proven "How To" Book Writing Formula For Beginners

Have you thought about writing your own book and offering electronically as an ebook or self-publishing and printing copies to sell either online or offline? At first blush, book writing may seem to be beyond your ability or take too much time. Not true, and here's why.

Hundreds of thousands of people have made the transition from other forms of employment to writing their own information-based "how to" book, ebook or packaged the information into more advanced forms of infoproducts such as videos, audios, coaching programs, membership sites, paid newsletters and more.

In fact, many first-time authors started by publishing a small report or ebook and quickly found themselves in powerful, yet scary position of being asked for more information, more expertise and more time. The savvy information publishing entrepreneur will see the opportunity and quickly turn their expertise into higher priced information products building their own infoproduct publishing enterprise.

Perhaps the best part of producing your own information products is that you invest a few days or weeks to create the product and then leverage those hours into months and years of income. Even better, you can tap into a massive online army of web publishers who are looking to augment their income by selling other people's products - for a commission you can suddenly have hundreds or thousands of high-value, authority sites bringing you traffic and sales.

With the formula you are about to discover, your book writing project is just the beginning of an automated money machine that you will not be able to turn off - even if you try.

While the thought of a large, self-spreading information publishing empire is very appealing, it all starts with writing your first book.

"How To" Book Demand

When we speak about "how to" books we are talking about any ebook, book, course, video, or other formatted product that is intended to deliver information to their clients.

Books that typically fall into this category are...

Business building books (how to start a business, how to sell, leadership tips, etc...)
Weight loss, exercise and diet books
Self-help, psychology and health titles
Home repair and decorating books
Relationship and parenting topics
Financial advice and planning tips
Hobby related topics such as crafts, music, etc...
Alternative health, yoga, and so on...

You are looking at a small, partial list of potential book writing topics and yet look at how this list alone accounts for the vast majority of published titles making money today. Not only are these hot selling information products you see in bookstores, there are a massive number of self-published titles sold online by entrepreneurs who have taken the plunge into self-employment.

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