I reckon there's a lot of truth in the saying that there's a book inside everyone. In the context of internet marketing and, especially niche marketing, there is probably more than one.
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Writing eBooks - Why You Should Write eBooks for Your Niche Market

I reckon there's a lot of truth in the saying that there's a book inside everyone. In the context of internet marketing and, especially niche marketing, there is probably more than one.

It's not true that everything that has been said has already been written. Even if it was, we would need to consider when it was written and how things have dramatically changed since.

The fact is that there is no better time to write an ebook than now.

With the ever increasing number of information hungry readers and surfers, the internet needs more and more innovative and creative writers who can provide quality solutions to identified problems. The problems may be new or the solutions may be new ways to solve old problems.

As technology evolves, as gifted software designers create more advanced techniques, ebooks continue to evolve at the same pace. From the standard static page to the inclusion of audio and, now video, ebooks are a powerful tool for writers with fresh and original ideas to disseminate information to the millions of people who are looking for the "answer" to their problems and challenges.

Remember, as technology advances, as new techniques are discovered or created, new problems are also created and these problems need answers. What's even better news is that publishing an ebook is not just different from publishing a book in print, it's a lot quicker and whole lot cheaper.

O.K. here we are with our online businesses with quality websites, informative and content rich pleasing both the search engines and our visitors. We also have quality products and services to offer these visitors.

An ebook is not only one of the most powerful ways to promote our businesses, it also serves to promote ourselves as an authority on a given subject, theme or niche. It build credibility and trust (over time) while entertaining and educating our visitors with the knowledge we already possess as business owners of specific products or services.

You can probably think of as many examples as I can, whether it's gardening, rearing horses, interior design, looking after pets, health and fitness - the list is absolutely endless as is the thirst for knowledge. I bet you are ready now. Ready to share your knowledge, your experience, your expertise.

An ebook is the perfect way to reach the largest audience for your chosen niche or area of expertise. So, as I said, ebooks will not only promote your business - they will help you make a name for yourself and your company, and establish you as an expert in your chosen field.

Given the depth of knowledge you have and the subject matter you are able to write about, heck there could be a whole series of ebooks just waiting to be written. In fact depending on the levels of complexity or the different sub topics that need to be covered, putting everything into one ebook may not be a good idea. Why?

  • Takes too long to write before publishing
  • The size may even put off potential readers
  • It's important that readers grasp fully the different aspects you wish to cover
  • Remember the best way to eat an elephant is one chunk at a time!

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