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How to Price Your eBook on eBay for Maximum Profits

I'm sure you know it is getting more and more difficult to sell any kind of information products on ebay. Gone are the days when you could buy the resale rights from a product creator, put it on ebay and wait for the cash to roll in. It just doesn't happen anymore.

Before I go into how to price your ebook or any kind of information product on ebay, let's first examine the reasons why it is so hard to sell. In my opinion, there are two major reasons.

Reason 1 : Every man and his dog is selling the same stuff on ebay.

I'm sure you have seen this on ebay, the same product can be found selling anywhere from $50.00 to less than $1.00. 99 percent of people selling information products on ebay are resellers, meaning they brought the resale rights from either the product creator or from other resellers.

What 90 percent of them will do is to list the products and start pricing them as low as possible to undercut each other on pricing. This happens so much to the point where it is no longer profitable at all. The other 9 percent of them will bunch up all the ebooks, software they could find and start selling them together. Their main selling point is you could get as many as 10,000 ebooks for a low price. The problem of course is that they will undercut each other again so much that the prices start to look really ridiculous. I meaning selling 10,000 ebooks for $1.99? To buyers, it probably means junk.

Reason 2 : Ebooks have a low perceived value than hard-cover books

Many people seems to think because ebooks are digital in nature, therefore should be priced lower compared to hard-cover books. In fact, many people I know thinks ebooks should be free! Well, there's nothing much you can do about it anyway. However there are some ways to tackle this problem as I will discuss later. Read on.

Now that we have determined the two main reasons why ebooks do not sell, here are a couple of my tips that will boost the price of your ebooks.

Tip 1 : Jack up the price of your ebook

I know this may sound like crazy but people do perceive value with price. The higher priced your ebook, the more valuable your information will be in the eyes of your prospective buyers. There is just a thing you need to take note. You need to bundle it with other good quality ebooks. The ideal is include other ebooks that you would buy as 'standalone' products. I can't emphasize this enough, when you jack up your price, make sure the information is of high quality or you'll get tons of refund requests.

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