The product you choose to market is very important. In fact, it could easily make the difference between untold success and miserable failure. Here are some specific guidelines to follow that will enable you to find a phenomenal product.
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How To Create a Profitable Information Product to Sell

The product you choose to market is very important. In fact, it could easily make the difference between untold success and miserable failure. Here are some specific guidelines to follow that will enable you to find a phenomenal product. Your ideal product should contain some of the following elements:

1. It should be useful. This should be something that solves a big problem. For example, it could make overweight people lose weight, or sick people well, or make people wealthy.

2. Your product should have mass appeal. You want your product to be of interest to as many people as possible. For example, you wouldn't want to sell collectible boxes to vampires. Why not? Because there are not enough vampires in the world to make you rich.

3. You should be able to protect your product with a patent, copyright or exclusive agreement. Why, If you are successful with your product, then no one will be able to rip off your product and claim it as their own.

4. Another good element is that your product should be able to be sold for 10 times or more of the cost. Assume for a minute that your product cost you $1.00 to produce, you can easily sell it for $10.00 or more.

5. Your product should also be fast and easy to produce.

The above criteria are guidelines for an ideal product. Now here is what I consider the very, very best product! INFORMATION! Why information? There are so many excellent reasons why. The one I like in particularly is that it fits the above guidelines so well.

Information can appeal to a very large audience. For example, a special eReport or eBook can show you how to lose weight, how to golf like a pro, or how to make inexpensive and delicious meals. It can even show you how to make money (smile). How many people do you think would be interested in making money? And how many millions of people do you think would pay for a legitimate way to lose weight?

Information can be protected with a copyright (which is simple and inexpensive to obtain). This gives you exclusivity. As mentioned earlier, you can easily sell information for 10 times or more what it costs you to produce. It's simple and easy to do. Information is fast and easy to put together. To do this, you have four options.

Option Number 1: You can put the information together yourself.
Option Number 2: You can use information found in the Public Domain.
Option Number 3: Hire a freelance writer, to prepare your information inexpensively.
Option Number 4: Go to a school or college in your area. Locate the person that is responsible for delegating outside work to students.

Locate a student who is good in English who wants to make a few extra dollars. Give him/her the information or tell them what it is you want to accomplish. You can usually get a top-notch product put together on virtually any subject under the sun for less than $200. Think about it, you will have a ready-to-go information product that could be in huge demand, all for less than a couple hundred dollars.

I'm going to also talk about "hard products". I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't show you how to pursue this avenue as well. Here are some very specific guidelines to follow, so you can easily find an excellent non-information product to sell.

Contact your local patent attorney. Look up patent attorney in the yellow pages. These guys are constantly involved will all types of interesting products and inventions. Call them and find out if they have anyone who is looking for a marketing person.

Use the U.S. Government publication services. The U.S. Government, "R&D" reports are one of the best sources for new products and ideas. These reports are compiled from the government's findings and research in space, nuclear energy, defense and many other projects. These reports are made available through the National Technical Information Service.

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