E-books are hot sellers because they deliver complete, instantly available, expert knowledge in a single, easily handled package. E-books can be downloaded and saved on an individual's computer. This, then, allows the reader greater freedom.
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How You Too Can Profit From Sales of Your Own eBook

Selling on the Internet is about information. Millions of people log on daily with the sole purpose of learning about whatever interests them. Those who are making profits from these sales are those that have taken their knowledge and put it into a readily usable and readable form. That form is the e-book.

E-books are hot sellers because they deliver complete, instantly available, expert knowledge in a single, easily handled package. E-books can be downloaded and saved on an individual's computer. This, then, allows the reader greater freedom. E-books can be read offline, or even printed out and read away from the computer. Putting your expertise together in this form is what makes the information sell.

That's great for the experts who have knowledge to spare, but not for us ordinary people, right?

Wrong. I have yet to meet someone who had nothing interesting to say. What's more, I meet people all the time who are experts to me in many fields. I don't know about everything. If you have a good, working knowledge in a particular area that I don't, to me you qualify as an expert.

I met a friend recently who works construction and is a painter. I casually mentioned a room in my house I was working on, and he unloaded all kinds of helpful information on me. By the end of the evening, I felt like I owed him. Had he put together a set of basic, fully explained instructions that would take me step by step through the job I was doing, that would have been even better.

Sound like an e-book idea? It should, because it is! Ideas are limitless. I'll gladly put out a few dollars to save hours of my time, and so would millions of other people.

Most everyone has at least one good e-book in them. You just have to think about what it is you know. I guarantee you can find others that do not have your knowledge. It's absolutely impossible for everyone to become an expert on everything. However, by purchasing the ideas of others, in e-books, we can all gain markedly. As well, the writer of the e-book can gain financially.

You don't necessarily have to be a great writer either. There are writing mentors or coaches out there that will assist you in that part of the process if need be. What's important is for you to bring in a knowledge, passion, or belief in your subject. That's what makes writing sell in the first place. Anyone can be taught how to put the words down, it's what is being said that is important.

Putting together and selling the e-book is the next hardest step. However, there are services that can help with that, too. The point here is to not let yourself be forced out of the profits just because you may not be able to complete the entire process by yourself. Use an expert from another field, writing and publishing, to help you sell to others the expertise you have in your field. Once you've made the e-book, it's yours to sell forever.

There are other benefits to e-book publishing as well. It will bring more credibility to your existing business. It will drive traffic to your web site. It can even give you a higher personal status. People always respect published authors. It denotes a higher sense of knowledge to them to know that your words are in print.

There are many sites to list your e-book for sale, and you can even create your own re-seller program to solicit many others to help you spread it around even more.

Information, self-help, inspirational, and even fiction e-books are selling. If you've got the idea, you've already begun. Develop it, get more information, get more ideas. If you need help writing it, seek expert advice. When you're ready to publish, there are options. It can be done. You can market it, and get others to market it for you.

E-books are selling, and even free e-books are great marketing tools if they refer readers back to your web site or product. The Internet is about information. If you've got it, make it available. The bottom line is you WON'T make money if you don't. You CAN make money, and receive the other benefits as well, if you do.

Have you started, or are you working on an e-book? Have you got an idea, but don't know how to proceed? There is help! For writing and editing help, mentoring and inspiration, check out The Writer's Mentor OR, if you have an e-book, and are looking to get it published and marketed, check out the publishing services from The Writer's Mentor. Written by Joe Bingham, Editor of the NetPlay Newsletters.

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