A seminar on "The Information Age and Making Money" was very interesting with a lot of questions being asked. One person asked the question how could she find a product she could "fall in love with and could sell".
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Create an Information Product You Can Love!

Recently I was invited to give a seminar on "The Information Age and Making Money". It was a very interesting time with a lot of questions being asked about online marketing and getting started.

One question that was being asked, several times but in different ways, related to finding information products and selling them.

In fact, one person asked the question how could she find a product she could "fall in love with and could sell". My response was maybe she had her priorities reversed.

Instead of trying to find a product TO love, my suggestion was to find what she ALREADY loved, was passionate about and to create the product to sell. This gave a whole new view.

Products are extremely easy to find, good information products could be a little harder. But the best information product to find and sell is the product you create yourself.

You are a walking source of information. It may be your job, your hobby, your profession or career. It could be your favorite past time or digging for your family tree. The point is there are people who would like to know the information you know.

As I mentioned in the seminar, one of the quickest and easiest ways to create an information product is in the form of an information tips booklet. These little quick and easy booklets are usually about 16 pages long and contain individual tips pertaining to your information.

In addition to being easy to put together, they are extremely easy to create. Creating them as a pdf or exe file for automatic download is the easiest way to get your information out to your buyer/reader.

To start, just jot down short bits of information on your topic. The how-to's, the ins and outs, the nuts and bolts... the specifics.

Don't worry about them being in order, that will come later. Page or section titles will come later as the information begins to form. The main thing is to get your information on "paper" or in your computer.

Make each of the tips independent of the other so that when a tip is read it is a complete statement. Be sure to keep your tips short and to the point. Readers like information to be quick, after all we live in a society of "instant gratification".

This will allow your readers to pick up your booklet at any time and by reading one of your tips, has picked up a valuable piece of information.

This could be information they already knew and just confirmed it, it could be something completely new, or it may be an extention for something they already knew, but now they know a little more about it.

Once completed, just convert your information into a pdf or exe file for download. Pdf is my preference since you can market to both Windows and Mac users. Exe files can only be marketed to Windows users.

People want information and they want it now! There's nothing wrong with finding and selling other people's products for a percentage, but creating your own products gives you 100% of the profits.

Your information product can be in the form of a report, a booklet, or an e-book. It can be a "freebie", a bonus for subscribing, or can be sold for a fee.

Once you create your product, see how many different ways you can produce and market it. In addition to an e-book, it could be a printed book(let), put on CD, made into an audio tape, sectioned into an e-course or even made into a class to be taught online and/or to be taught at your communtiy college. Only you limit how it can be marketed!

Before you invest hours and hours looking for that information product you can love and sell, spend a little time researching your own information. Information you already have, information you already know about, information you already give people when they ask you "how to do..."

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