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How I Made An Extra $1200 Per Month At Home Using One Free Website


Why Fiver Really Works
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The Anatomy of a Killer Gig
The Strategies That Earn You More Money
Time Equals Money
The Finishing Touches on Your Ideas
Fiver Account Set Up
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The Best Gig Management Techniques
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6 Gigs That Just About Anyone can Do
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If you have ever thought that you can't make money online, read this book - because you can make good money, easily!

I've made money from home and while traveling on three continents during the last five years. I found myself answering so many questions about earning a living while traveling that I decided to write books on the subject. I've written several of them. In my research I always try to do as many of the jobs I discover as possible. Itís important to determine the real work-at-home opportunities from the scams and the solid, moneymaking opportunities from the time-wasters.

In doing this, I discovered a very powerful website that virtually anyone can use from anywhere in the world to make quick money. I tell my friends about it. In a few weeks, my basic research of this website turned into $1,200 a month in income for me. My collage-aged kids are using it to make a living. Two of them are moving to Mexico to spend their days on the beach and make money using this website. So I've told my friends and family about how to use it and now I've written this book to tell you how to do it.

The website is Fiver.com and the research I did for this book was supposed to be for a basic how-to book for beginners. It ended up being so much more as I discovered all the intermediate and expert ways to increase your income from this one website.

Of all the online money-making methods I have written about, the website Fiver.com was the most accessible with the easiest learning curve. From the moment I listed my first gig to the moment of transferring my earnings into my Paypal account, it was one of the quickest (about 17 days) ways I have ever made internet income.

I signed up with Fiver and ran five gigs over the course of two months. This should be considered a minimalist effort as I have other responsibilities as a freelance writer. Each time someone bought one of my gigs, I supplied them with the service and collected my earnings. At the end of the first month, still with only five gigs, I was thrilled to see I was selling approximately 6-8 gigs per day. 6-8 gigs per day. At the end of the second month, I was selling 10 gigs per day. This was with no promotion, social networking or advertising whatsoever. I just quietly put gigs up and let the Fiver marketplace take control. There is a huge market of buyers on Fiver waiting to pay you for your services.

This chart displays the monthly income I generated (highlighted) from just a few gigs.

Gigs⁄Day $⁄Day $⁄Month
3 $12 $360
5 $20 $600
10 $40 $1,200
15 $60 $1,800
20 $80 $2,400

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