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How to Start a Single Product Microsite

While an online store is similar to visiting a brick-and-mortar retailer, a single product microsite is more like a direct mail letter that attempts to persuade you to purchase just one product. As the owner of such a site, you don't want your visitors to shop around - even if you have other ancillary products to offer. Instead, you want them to be singularly focused on learning about your main product, impressed by all its features and benefits, and ideally, persuaded to place an order then and there.

It's for this reason that single product microsites often have just a few basic pages - and sometimes just one. The idea is to have no extraneous links of other information that may distract the prospect in any way. The sole purpose of the site is making the sale.

Example of a single product microsite
Example of a single product microsite

Sales Builder
Despite you r best efforts, the majority of visitors to your microsite will not make a purchase. But that doesn't mean they won't buy at some future date. They just need to get to know you a little better first. That's why it's important to include a free offer of some kind - such as an e-newletter, special report, or series of tips sent by e-mail - so you can continue to communicate with them.

A single product microsite is ideal if you have only one product to sell, such as a puppy training video or fold-flat binoculars for hikers. Even if you're planning to expand your product line later on, starting with this model is a great way to build sales initially. When the time is right, you can easily convert your microsite to a more traditional online store.

How Micro Should You Make It?

As I said earlier, a single product microsite has very few pages. The typical structure is a persuasive sales page that contains the entire sales pitch, product details, and other information necessary to motivate the visitor to place the order. Other pages are created to support the main sales page and may include customer testimonials, frequently asked questions, terms and conditions of sale, an online demo, how to get help, company information, an order form, and so forth.

A sales page is any page on a website that is primarily designedto make a sales presentation of the product or service being offered. In the Internet marketing world, this type of page can also be referred to as a landing page or online sales letter.

So it's no surprise that the most crucial element of a single product microsite is the sales page. In fact, sometimes the sales page is the site! It has to be designed and written in such a way that it persuades the maximum amount of visitors to purchase the product. (In Internet marketing lingo, this is often referred to as "conversion.") single product microsites don't get as many return visitors as, say, an online store. So the sales page is often your only chance to convince the prospect to buy or at least sign up for a free offer of some kind, so you can continue to communicate with that person via e-mail.

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