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Start a Home Based Business For Less Than $50 a Year

The Internet has made it so easy and inexpensive for us to start a home based business today. For about $50 we can register a domain name, grab a years worth of web hosting services and put up a web site that can let the world know about us. Let's see how easy it is to start a home based business.

Let's say for example that you have a 2-year-old child and that over the last two years as a new parent you have learned how to do a lot of things inexpensively or in a unique way. You know that a lot of your friends also have tips and tricks to share as well. Your family income could use a boost but you can't go to work because financially it would just not work out with the extra travel, baby care and food costs so you want to make some money from home. So you decide to start a home based business. Here's a simple plan on how to setup an inexpensive Internet home business.

First you will need a web site. I use rd-webhosting.com who for $49.50 a year will register a domain name and provide all the tools you need to get a money making web site up on the Internet. You can find other web host that offer the same services if you check around. What you want to find is one that offers a package called WordPress. WordPress is a blogging software package that allows you to type up articles and have others read and comment on them.

WordPress is very easy to use. The support is also outstanding. Their website wordpress.org has a lot of easy to understand support and training on how to use and modify it. The folks at RD-Webhosting will also help in setting up WordPress. Now technically this is just about all the software you need. There are some add-ons (WordPress calls the plug-ins) that you will need and they are free as well. Specifically, you are looking for one that supports Google AdSense.

AdSense is program that places advertisements on your website and pays you a commission whenever someone clicks on one of the ads. The ads displayed are tied to the type of information on the page. So if you are talking about baby food, the ads will be related to baby food. This is income opportunity number one. To sign up for Google AdSense go to google.com and select Advertising Programs.

There are at least ten different ways you can make money with a web site. Besides using AdSense, you can have banners placed on the site and get paid Every time one is displayed and⁄or clicked on. We can put ads or articles from vendors we like and get paid a commission on sales (this is called an affiliate program). We can sell our own product or information and much more.

Now you have a web site up with WordPress installed. We need to put information on the site so that both people and the search engines will want to come back over and over again. If you like to write this is the easy part. Write up a few articles on anything related to your topic, in this case raising babies. These should be a couple hundred words or so.

Stick to one topic per article. Post one or two articles everyday or so. If you can't write, maybe some of your friends will help or you can search the web for articles. Just enter your terms in the search engine and see what comes up. Copy and paste. Please unless you are rewriting the article, leave the authors information in the article.

Next we have to advertise. This does not mean spending money. It means we have to start telling people about our site. So get on the web and start letting people know about it. All those other moms you know, submit your articles to the article indexing sites, such as EzineArticles.com.

In your email, add your website to your signature block. Everything you do should have your web site listed with it now. Over the next few weeks you will start to see income coming in from Google. The better you do at letting people know the more income you will make. I recently read an articles where one blog was making over $5000 a money just on AdSense.

This is just the start. As you become more comfortable with WordPress and your web site you can find more ways to promote the site and products that are related to it. Once you have a bunch of articles you can start your own newsletter or maybe even create an electronic book and sell it on e-Bay.

Raymond Laubert is the owner of several web-based businesses including RD-Webhosting.. Follow Raymond Laubert on Twitter.

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