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Video - How to Register a Domain Name with GoDaddy

There are a lot of people on the Internet looking for a simple way to register a domain name. This video from ShowMeHowToDoThis walks you through the process of actually registering a domain name.

This is a transcript of the video with extensive editing and addition of material by myself (this site's webmaster).

One of the easiest places to register a domain online is godaddy.com If you want to register a domain name e.g. superquickfix.com, you would go to godaddy and start a domain search.

There is a practice going on where people buy up domains using every possible combination of letters in order to resell them, sometimes at outrageous prices, to people who actually want to use the domain name to create a website. This practice is called "domain parking" or "domain flipping", or sometimes just "domaining". It's actually illegal to buy a domain name and not use it, so as a guise, they put a few search links or a search box on the domain.

I personally consider domaining an unethical exploitation of the Internet, equivalent to hacking, but there's nothing that can be done about it. The consequences are that the domain you want will probably already be owned by a "domainer" and you'll need to pay extra to get it. Many people work their way around this by creating outrageously long domain names, which have a greater probability of being available.

If the domain name that you want is available, you'll see the option to select extension, for example .com, .org, .inf. If you're planning on starting a big website, you may want to purchase some of these other extensions in order to protect your domain name. The godaddy page will also suggest many other similar domain names that are available that you may like better or you may want to buy in addition to the one you entered. After selecting the items on the page that you want, click on the [Continue] button.

Eventually (after godaddy tries to sell you some other options) you'll arrive at the Domain Registration page where you enter your information and create a godaddy account. After you've created your account, you'll arrive at the Registration and Checkout Options page.

Here you can choose length of registration (1 year, 2 years, ...) and set whether you want automatic renewal. At every step in the process godaddy is presenting you with additional options that you can purchase. If you're new to this business you should just stick to the standard registration. Set the Quick Checkout radio button and click on the [Continue] button.

Next you arrive at the Payment Page where you select a Payment Method. You can choose to pay by check, but I'm not sure what the status of your domain name will be while godaddy waits for your check to clear. You can pay by PayPal, but you'll need to enter your bank account number in order to use that option. Your best option is to choose to pay by credit card. After you've chosen your payment method, click on the [Checkout Now] button.

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