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Video - Free and Easy eCommerce for Your Online Store with Google's Store Gadget

The Google Store Gadget creates an ecommerce store that's easy to setup and insert into your website. It can be embedded in your own website or in a free Google Sites website. This video takes you through the implementation of a Google Store Gadget.


There are five simple steps to create a Google Store Gadget.

1. Get a domain name.
2. Setup a Merchant Account.
3. Get a Google Sites website.
4. Setup Your Store Products.
5. Insert the Store into Your Website.

Step 1 - Get a Domain Name

Technically, you don't need your own domain name to use the Google Store Gadget, but if you want any credibility out there, it makes sense to have a domain name. You can get one at GoDaddy.com for $8.75.

Step 2 - Setup a Merchant Account

Set up your merchant ID at Google. Go to Google Checkout and sign-in with your Google email address and password.

It will ask you; Does your business have a Google Account for services like Adwards or Gmail? Set the () Yes radio button. Would like to have a single account for all Google services? Set the () Yes radio button. Then you'll need to enter your password again.

Then you'll be taken to a form "Tell us about your business" where you need to enter details about your business including: address of business, contact person, and financial information. Then set the check box next to "I agree to the Terms of Service", and click on the [Complete sign up] button. Then you'll have your Google Merchant ID setup.

Step 3 - Get a Google Sites Website

Go to Google checkout store gadget and click on the [Create Online Store Now] button. Again, it will ask you to sign into your gmail account. Then it will take you to the Merchant Account setup page.

There are four steps to create the Google store checkout gadget.

Setup the account page

1. Under Setup the account type:, set the () Production account checkbox.
2. Under Give your Checkout account permission to access the store gadget, click on the [Grant access] button.
3. Under Select the currency associated with your merchant account, select [USD] (dollars).

Then click on the [Next] button. You'll go to the Choose Data Source page.

Choose Data Source page

You'll see an inventory sheet spread sheet where you need to fill in fields about your products. Take out the sample entries and put in your product information: SQU number; Name of product; Price, Description; Quantity; Picture, where you enter a link to a picture, Options, where you put the Names of any options you have; The actual values of the options; Whether it's digital content or not; Weight; Shipping.

You can enter from 1 to 50 different products. Then click on the [Next] button. You'll go to the Preview / Configure page.

Preview / Configure page

It shows you picture of what your Google store looks like. It will ask what size you want it to be ()Large ()Small ()Tiny, or you can set the width and height in pixels.

Click on the [Next] button. You'll go to the Embedded Gadget page.

Embedded Gadget page

On the Embedded Gadget page, under Select where you plan to embed this gadget, in this example, click on the [Google Sites] tab, where under number 4, you can copy and the URL which you will paste into your site.

If you were using your own Web site, you would click on the [Website (HTML)] tab, where under number 1, you would copy the HTML snippet and paste that into your Web site.

Step 4 - Insert the Store into Your Website

Go back to the Google site that you created, click on the [Edit page] button. In the main menu click on Insert, then in left pane menu select more gadgets. In the Set up your gadget dialog box, select Add gaget by URL, then paste in the URL from the Google store gadget. Click on the [Add] button.

Then on the next page of the Set up your gadget dialog box, select the size and other options. Then click on the [OK] button. Then click on the [Save] button to save your page.


Now you have your web site, you've got your products live on that web site, ready to take payments over the Internet from anyone in the world using credit cards or Paypal or other form of payment that's acceptable to Google.

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