Have you ever thought about having your own website that makes you money online? Well, a lot of people are doing it, whether they use free webspace or buy their own hosting account, there are ways to monetize the site to get some income from it.
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How to Make Money With Your Own Website

Have you ever thought about having your own website? Maybe even a website that makes you money online? Well, a lot of people are doing it nowadays, whether they use free webspace or a free blog or buy their own domain and hosting account. The fact is, whichever way you go, there are ways to monetize the site to get some income from it.

You don't have to make a website geared directly at making money online either. I mean, that doesn't have to be the topic of the website. You can make your site about any topic you choose, whether it is your passion, your hobby, or anything totally unrelated to making money online or working at home, but you can still make money with it.

For anyone wanting to have a long term, permanent "web presence" online, having your own website on your own domain name is the best way to go, but this will require a little money invested to pay for the yearly domain registration and hosting. It's not as expensive as you might think, though. You can get a basic registration and hosting package for around $100 per year or less. For those of you web savvy enough to design and upload your own site, this would be your only cost. If you have no web skills and no desire to learn how to do it, you would have the additional expense of hiring someone to design, upload and maintain your site.

While having your own domain name and website gives you the most freedom and complete control over your content, the costs and technical requirements are sometimes more than the average person wants to invest, so luckily, there are "no cost" alternatives.

One of my favorites is Squidoo. I have my own work at home website but I also use Squidoo to make single page websites or "lenses" as they refer to them about my hobbies and interests. It's very easy to do using their very simple design wizard that walks you through the process step by step and lets anyone with absolutely no web design knowledge build a web page in minutes. The best thing though is that Squidoo is designed specifically to help you make money with it. They help you monetize the page with ready made modules to sell products through Amazon or eBay and they pay you a share of the websites ad revenue from AdSense every month depending on the traffic to it. You can build as many pages as you like about as many different subjects as you like. It's an excellent way and extremely easy for the average person to establish themselves on the web and is absolutely free.

1. AdSense - Probably the most common way to monetize a site is to place ads on it through a program such as Google Adsense. When someone clicks on an ad, you get paid a small fee. If you use Squidoo, they will automatically place the Google ads on your page and share a portion of the ad revenue with you. If you have your own domain, you will need to sign up for the program at Google AdSense, get the HTML code and place it on your page and you will get the entire click fee credited to your AdSense account.

2. Direct ads - If you have your own domain and a fair amount of traffic to it, it's possible to sell direct ads on your site. In other words, market an advertising spot on your site directly to advertisers for a fee that you set. The advertiser provides you with their banner or text ad and you display it on your site for an agreed upon amount of time for a set fee. This is another advantage of having your own domain name and website.

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