Content is king on the Internet today and When your site becomes an authority site in your niche, your traffic will increase automatically. The next step is to place adsense and text link ads on your content pages. Another thing you can do is to promote an affiliate product. Once you have implemented these steps, you will be making a good monthly income.
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How to Make Money With a Content Web Site

Content is king on the Internet today and there can be much more to it than just throwing up a bunch of articles on your web site and hoping that you receive a ton of traffic from the search engines. The purpose of taking all of that time to create a content web site in the first place is to create a site that is an authority site in whatever specific niche that you have the most interest.

When your site becomes an authority site in your niche, your traffic will increase automatically. For one thing, people will automatically link to your website as a reference site. In order for this to happen, your web site can't be created from spammy "software spun" articles stuffed with keywords. No one will link to those kinds of sites other than to tell people to avoid them. The content on your site must:

1. provide value,
2. solve a problem,
3. answer a question,
4. be a one-stop resource for general information in the niche of your choice,
5. be trustworthy

Even before your web site has become established as an authority site, you can begin making money with your web site. You can earn revenue with a number of different revenue streams that are available. You can earn revenue with adsense, by promoting affiliate products, selling ad space on your website, selling your own products and services, or using your site to generate leads to sell to other business in your niche. Each method has a different strategy, but you can use multiple strategies on your website to maximize the traffic you get to your website.

The easiest thing to do first on your website, is to place adsense and text link ads on your content pages. You can begin making some immediate income using this method, however unless you are receiving a minimum of 200-300 unique visitors a day, don't expect to be able to earn a life-status changing amount of money with adsense. In the beginning, you could make enough to probably pay for your hosting and paying for someone to write articles for you. The same goes for the text link ads. One of the text link ad programs that are available is Kontera, and now Amazon has a text link ad program.

The next step would be to pick a well paying affiliate program and promote that on your website. You can easily do this by writing an article related to the affiliate program and placing your affiliate link in the article. A good place to start for most beginners is Clickbank. There is an information product in just about every niche that you could promote in Clickbank.

Another thing you can do to promote your affiliate product is to write a review about the affiliate product you are promoting. Make it a genuine review, so it should be a product you have used before and have had a good experience with it. If your visitors feel as if you are gaming them through great reviews of crappy products, then you won't build up an authority site. Another feature of authority sites is that they have integrity to them. People trust authority sites, so your site should be trustworthy.

These steps are a good place to start. Once you have implemented these methods to where you are making a good monthly income, you will want to begin to explore other areas of generating income with your authority web site such as lead generation, and selling your own products / services.

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