starting a home based internet business can be overwhelming. Choosing a turnkey website is a very smart time saving decision. You can almost totally skip the website design and build time and move straight to the website promotion phase.
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What to Look For When Shopping For a Turnkey Website

When starting a new home based internet business, you can get overwhelmed with everything that you need to learn to get started and be successful. You will need to build and design your website, decide on how you will generate income from your website, and learn internet marketing techniques on how to promote and direct visitors to your new website.

One thing that will help you from feeling overwhelmed is to not feel like you have to learn and do everything by yourself. There are many products and tools available that will help you with many aspects of your new internet business. Choosing to use some of these time saving products will reduce your stress level and allow you to choose what you want to focus on most.

Choosing a turnkey website is a very smart time saving decision. You can almost totally skip the website design and build time and move straight to the website promotion phase so that you can begin generating sales and income from your new website.

Here are several things to consider when shopping for a turnkey website because they can vary greatly.

1. A true turnkey website is a fully functional website and includes absolutely everything you will need to be in business and start taking orders immediately. It includes the domain name, hosting, monetization methods (Google Adsense and affiliate programs), products and even content. You can purchase a turnkey website that is only sold to one person where you have 100% copyright to all the content, but it will be more expensive than if you purchase one that is sold to a limited (or unlimited) number of people.

2. If you buy a turnkey website that includes content, it would be in your best interest to add additional content and/or modify the included content. Adding fresh content to your website is an effective way to keep visitors coming to your website so you should be engaging in this task whether you choose a turnkey website or not. Check to be sure that you can easily add additional content to your turnkey website.

3. The lowest cost turnkey websites are the kinds that are sold to an unlimited number of people. They are a very affordable option for people who are on a small budget. If possible, you should add your own personal touches to the website to make it unique. You will find only a small amount of effort is required to change some of the design elements. Ask the company you purchase the website from if they will perform these tasks for you for a small fee or if they will refer you to someone who can. Keep in mind that as with most things in life, you get what you pay.

4. Choose a website in a niche that you have an interest in. Working on your website will be so much more enjoyable and it won't even feel like work. On the other hand, if you choose a niche that you have no interest in, working on your website will feel like a chore and that might just lead you to abandon your website altogether! You will be spending time promoting your new turnkey website and having an interest and some knowledge in that niche will help you with these tasks.

5. Ask if the turnkey website your are considering is customizable and if it provides an interface that will easily allow you to make any changes that you desire. Learn some basic html skills so that you can make small changes yourself.

6. Ask if the turnkey website has been pre-designed with monetization models. After all, you are looking to profit from your website. At a minimum, it should easily allow you to add Google Adsense. If the website is a turnkey affiliate website then the products or services should already be setup so that you can start selling right away. In addition, the placement of Google Adsense ads should be displayed on areas of the page that increase the click through rate.

A turnkey website is a smart time saving tool that will allow you to start your home based internet business much quicker that you can imagine. Take some time to look at the various turnkey websites available today to see one if right for you.

Nina Greene is owner of and writes on a variety of subjects. To learn more about this topic Nina recommends you visit: Bennett Wealth Systems

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