To make adsense income clicks, you need to put content on your website alongside your adsense code, and drive traffic to the pages. Sounds simple, and it is. But it's not easy.
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Turbo Charge Your Adsense Income

Part 1

I am on a mission. To rid the internet of adsense income boosting lies, once and for all. You are about to read tried and tested information that will increase your adsense income almost overnight. I am just so sick of opening my inbox, and seeing torrents of emails from all the so-called gurus (I still like to check what they're up to), giving useless and outdated adsense money making advice to people who don't know any better.

So let's get started making adsense money! In a previous article I mentioned that in order to rake in a huge adsense income, you need 4 things to be in order. Remember they were:

1. Content
2. Keywords
3. Your ads
4. Traffic

So let's go into more detail about point 1. - Content is king!

In a nutshell, to make adsense income clicks, you need to put content on your website alongside your adsense code, and drive traffic to the pages. Sounds simple, and it is. But it's not easy. The content on each page needs to be focused around one or two keyword phrases, the longer the phrase, the more targeted it is.

This means Google will put more relevant adsense income ads on your pages, and visitors to your site will be more likely to click on them. All because they are more relevant, and related to what they were originally searching for. This means more adsense income for us! Starting to get it?

What you're aiming to do with each page is to create adsense income raising content, laden with highly targeted keywords, and make your keyword density in the region of 3 6 percent. If it's too low, then Google won't consider your pages worthy enough to be ranked in the search engines, but more importantly, the ads it places in your adsense income making areas will be redundant. Unrelated ads look unprofessional, and stick out like a sore thumb.

The flipside of this is making pages with keyword density that's too high. Google will think you're keyword spamming, and penalize you! Keep it balanced and your adsense income will explode before your eyes. Make sure your adsense income pages have the right keyword density by using this tool: Live Keyword Analysis Tool

I recommend using as much original content as possible, as it will mean higher rankings and more adsense income in the long run. Read other's articles, and use your noggin to create brand new keyword-dense content, as this will pull in more adsense income than simply reposting old articles.

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