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How to Start a Successful Internet Home Business for Less Than Five Bucks

Making money on the Internet is easier than most people think. All you really need is a product to sell, a website to sell it with and a way to get interested customers to your site. Here's how you can get all of these things set up and running for less than five dollars before you go to sleep tonight.

First, you need a product to sell. Maybe you already have a product of your own. If so, you're in business. If not, you're in luck. Getting products to sell is as easy as filling out a short application on the Internet to become an affiliate for a company whose products you want to sell. As an affiliate, you get paid a commission every time you refer a new customer to the company's website you are affiliated with.

For example, Amazon.com has a very popular affiliate program. Actually, they call it an associate program. When you sign up to become an Amazon associate which is free, you'll be given your own account control panel and the ability to instantly generate links that point directly to virtually any product Amazon sells.

Now if you have a website, you can put those links on your site and when other people click them and buy the corresponding product from Amazon, you'll earn a commission. You can learn more about Amazon's associate program at: JoinAssociates

Of course, Amazon is not alone. While they were one of the very first affiliate programs online, these days almost every company doing business on the Internet has an affiliate program. A good website to learn more about affiliate programs is: Affiliate programs directory

Once you have a product to sell, you'll need a website to sell it from. Contrary to what most people think, setting up a website is actually very easy and it doesn't have to cost you a dime. For example, one of the easiest and most popular website building tools on the Internet is located at: WebsiteWizard

When you visit WebsiteWizard, click the "Create a website for free" button near the top of the page and follow the simple instructions to set up your website. Using this powerful free website building tool you can have your own professional website set up and ready to sell your products on the Internet in less than an hour.

Imagine the possibilities... You could set up websites for your yourself, your friends, your family, your neighbors, your business associates, etc. without any previous technical knowledge whatsoever. In fact, you could even run a business of setting up websites for other people using WebsiteWizard!

The final piece of the puzzle is getting people who will be interested in your products to visit your website. Again, there is no shortage of opportunities for doing this. One of the easiest and most effective ways to get buyers to your website is Google AdWords located at: Google AdWords

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