Finding a greatT wholesale source for your products can be BOTH the most frustrating, as well as the most rewarding, part of an online (or offline) business, but it's easier when you have a guide like me to help you along, after all, the profits are all in the sources, right?
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Five Tips to Locating Highly Competitive Wholesale Products

I know, so you're finally beginning your longtime dream of selling Online, right? But you may be thinking "Where in the WORLD do I find super low priced, high quality wholesale products for my specific niche"? Or perhaps,

"Where the HECK is my competition getting their products from at such incredibly low prices and how can I POSSIBLY compete with them!?"

That definitely is the $64,000 question!

If you already have an online store, sell on EBay, or would someday like to, then you probably already know you will need to find the REAL - HONEST AND TRUE - Wholesale sources to buy your products from!


Finding a GREAT wholesale source for your products can be BOTH the most frustrating, as well as the most rewarding, part of an online (or offline) business, but it's 1000% easier when you have a guide to help you along -LIKE ME! After all, the profits are all in the sources, right?

And YES, finding the RIGHT wholesaler for your product can be one of the most important steps to making a steady stream of profits online!

Today I will give you five incredible ways to locate your very own incredible wholesale products that you can use OVER and OVER again to build your wealth online (or offline). You could even choose to start selling items at your local flea market, your own online store, through local classified ads, or perhaps even even open an offline store!

There really is no limit to how you chose to sell products, because if you are getting them from LEGITIMATE rock bottom wholesale sources, you will always be making a steady stream of profits!

"So What Do I Do First"?

Well, I am SO glad you asked! Before you do anything else you need to become a legitimate business, and that means getting that "business license" you may have been putting off forever.

So, honestly, why are you so afraid of getting it anyway? It's painless and simple to get, and can be the single most important thing standing between your online selling SUCCESS and FAILURE ! So you really need to get one!

"Why do I need one, if I can buy from wholesalers without it"? That is a GREAT question, and the simple answer is because you are NOT buying from TRUE wholesalers, but are buying from middlemen. You are therefore NEVER going to get the lowest prices for your products, and therefore will NEVER be able to really compete online.

Think of it this way: YOUR BIGGEST COMPETITION PROBABLY HAS THEIR BUSINESS LICENSE! So why don't you? Wherever you live, you should have a city hall near you. Simply type in your city online, get their address, and hours, and get your butt down there. You will need to pay a little money for your business license, but think of it as a super investment in your business success.

After you get your business license, you will also need to get one more piece of paper to really tie things together and be able to sign up with the most sought after wholesalers: You need your "RESELLERS PERMIT" or "TAX ID#". They are both the same thing, but are given various names depending on where you live. But one thing remains the same: You will need one to buy from true wholesalers.

WARNING: There are hundreds if not thousands of FAKE or NON-LEGIT companies that are calling themselves wholesalers, but they are actually not! These companies are really middlemen and are in the business of making money off of YOU! They are called middlemen because they get in the middle of you, the "Joe New Seller" and the REAL wholesale companies.

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