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Debunking the Top Ten Internet Home Business Myths

Spend a few days online and you'd think that the Internet is a community of multi- millionaires. Everyone seems to be making $10,000 each and every month using a simple, guaranteed system that requires virtually no work on your part ... and they're all kind enough to want to share it with you.

Every day we're bombarded with offers that claim we can make money quickly and easily on the Internet, often with a 'proven' system that 'guarantees' success. Unfortunately it's not as simple as some might have you believe. Here's the truth behind 10 common myths about building a business on the Internet:

Myth 1: It's Easy... Everyone's Doing It.

Sure, lots of people have tried to start a business online. But how many of them actually stick with it and earn a reasonable profit? It's not uncommon to see estimates that 85-95% of all Internet businesses fail within the first year.

An online business is still a business. It might be more affordable to start than a traditional 'brick-and-mortar' business, but online business has its own set of challenges.

Myth 2: You Only Have to Work a Couple of Hours a Day.

How many business owners do you know that work only a couple of hours a day, especially when first starting out? There is plenty to learn about building a long-term profitable business online. Long hours and hard work are required for ANY type of business - even on the Internet.

Myth 3: Build A Website and the Masses Will Come.

Consider this: there are literally billions of web pages available on the Internet. Your tiny little website has to somehow stand out from the rest. This is no easy task! It's essential for every Internet business owner to learn how to effectively promote his or her site to attract the right people -- not just the curious who might browse and leave, but those who have an inherent interest in your products and services.

Myth 4: I Can Do It For Free!

Again, an Internet business is still a business -- and every business requires an investment. Marketing can be significantly cheaper online, but not everything can be done without cost. Even the very basics such as registering a domain and hosting your site are costs you have to pay every year.

Myth 5: It's Fast.

Success isn't built overnight. Anyone can create a web page and open up a website for business... but it takes time to learn how to attract visitors to the site and then convert them into paying customers.

Myth 6: It's Perfect Because I Never Have to Deal With People.

Email is undoubtedly a convenient tool, but as easy as it is to forget, email messages are still written by people. You cannot shield yourself from interaction with real people. Even if you do most of your business via email, there will be times when it's more appropriate to speak to someone over the phone or even face-to-face.

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