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Hot Online Opportunities That Make Money

There seems to be no end to the number of hot online opportunities that make money on the Internet. The limit is only to the extent of an individuals innovation and creativity. These opportunities can range from the familiar ones such as selling products and services to generate revenues to the esoteric such as flipping websites and domain names. In fact, if one looks hard enough, it is not difficult to find the perfect niche. Here is a sampling of some of these hot online opportunities that make money:

Putting Buyers in Touch With Sellers

There has been surprisingly little activity in this respect from the networking sites other than the online auction site or shopping sites. Referral fees, though common in business, have been a bit of a rarity in internet business presumably because of the difficulty in tracking.

There are now websites like Salesconx and InnerSell that now provide the tracking. Vendors of products and services now specify terms for payment of referral fees which are paid as and a transaction happens. Anyone who has specialist knowledge of materials and a good network of contacts could consider this a hot online opportunity and that makes money

Helping People to Find Jobs

There are now a number of recruitment websites that seek to connect potential employers to potential employees and will compensate for refereeing a candidate. This technique seeks to tap qualified candidates who are not actively job hunting and can therefore be contacted only through networks. If one knows a number of potential job seekers, this offers a hot online opportunity that make money in the recruitment business without any investment.

Some job website examples are indeed.com, and simplyhired.com, and www.dice.com a recruiting website exclusively for IT professionals. The referral fees range from $50 to several thousand dollars, adding up to a considerable part time income.

Building a Resource Hub

If an individual is equipped with a high degree of specialist knowledge on a particular topic, there is a hot online opportunity to make money in building a specialist website devoted to that particular topic. The website should contain an overview of the topic plus links to other useful sites on the Internet. It is possible to get paid through sites like Squidoo and HubPages and the revenue is a mix of advertising revenue and affiliate income. The advantage in dealing with these sites is that they already have an established flow of traffic.

Become a Blogger

There are plenty of free sites on the Internet where one can set up a blog in the space of a few minutes without having to worry about the intricacies of Web design. If the blog is interesting and refreshed frequently with new posts, it is possible to establish a steady stream of traffic. One should also sign up for affiliate programs for items like books and music and place the appropriate links in the blog. The other way to earn revenue is to sign up for the Google AdSense program where revenue is generated every time a visitor clicks on an ad that Google has placed.

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