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Membership Websites That Make $100,000 or More Every Month!

Besides selling products through eCommerce solutions (which can be highly effective and profitable), you can create extraordinary money making web sites - these online money making applications can easily make you a six-figure income every month! The two eCommerce automated systems are membership web sites and eLearning websites.

Membership Websites as Online Money Making Systems for Generating Ongoing Revenue

Membership sites can be enormously profitable ventures. The source of revenue might be from the visitor who pays to access a membership directory, gains access to valuable resource information or subscribes to an online publication. Sometimes the visitor visits the site for free and searches for members within a directory who pay to be listed.

Advantages of a Membership Web site

A membership web site is ideal for newsletters that provide valuable tips and strategies such as investment information. Many directories list providers of products and services that appeal to a niche market. Women interested in regaining a more youthful or shapely appearance for instance, might visit a directory looking for plastic surgeons. A directory of products and services related to home ownership in a particular geographic region could have great appeal to residents in that area. The directory could list everything from flooring and lighting companies to builders and realtors.

Why Members Join a Directory

Directories are a form of advertising. Most businesses know that the more exposure their name gets, the more business they have. That is why they advertise in multiple places. Advertising on an online directory can be one of the best sources of exposure since more people use the Internet to find products and services than any other method.

Membership in a directory can be very attractive if an appropriate plan is in place that drives a niche market to that directory. For instance, if the membership site is targeting country club residents in a particular geographic region, it is more likely to attract members that provide services to people living in those communities.

In many cases, the members within a directory do not have their own website or one that is effective. Even if they do, their website often gets limited traffic and results. Getting large numbers of targeted traffic to a directory makes it easy for these companies to get the exposure they need to drive business to their doors.

Let Me Give You an Idea of How This Money Making Web site can Produce! The following example will give you a conservative idea of what a membership website can generate. Let's assume you are in the marketing business and have a website filled with resource information that helps businesses market more effectively. What you offer on this website is extremely valuable and hard to find information that provides the subscriber with an easy to implement system that works.

The subscriber pays $50 a month to use the site, take advantage of a monthly teleclass and receive your e-zine (online newsletter). Your teleclass and e-zine give you opportunities to market other products including events that can make you even more money. Let's assume you have 1000 subscribers who are paying $50 a month. That is $50,000 per month and $600,000 per year, just for subscription fees alone! As you grow you subscriber list, you also grow your profits.

eLearning for Profitable Money Making Web sites - Automated Systems for Generating Ongoing Revenue

eLearning websites let you teach one or more courses online. Students pay, learn, test and get results online within a secure environment. With eLearning, hundreds to thousands of participants can be using the system simultaneously. While they are on your site, you are making a fortune without ANY travel expenses OR time away from home!

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