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Video - How To Actually Set Up Your Own Webinar To Start Making Money

A Webinar is very similar to a Seminar except that it's held over the Web. Webinars are a very successful method for companies to build their brand and generate leads and sales. Some individuals are using webinar's to make money, and it's extremely lucrative!

This video by Gideon Shalwick Give you the practical how-to details of setting up your own make money making webinar. Here are the seven steps to set up your own money making webinar.


1. Signup with GoToWebinar.com

GoToWebinar.com is an amazing service that I used for our first webinar and it was a huge success and we made about $13,000 within about five days.

Signup for GoToWebinar's free trial which lets you try it free for a whole month. If you like the service, you can purchase it for $100.00 per month which is a good value if you're going to use it regularly. They have complete tutorials on their website which you can access after you've logged in.

GoToWebinar allows you to use your phone or your PC microphone to get your sound through to your audience. Your audience can either call in or they can enter your webinar though GoToWebinar's web interface.

2. Prepare Your Presentation

If you're just doing an audio webinar it's important that you create an outline of your talk. Your webinar presentation should include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

For video webinars you should create some slides. If you use a PC you can use PowerPoint, if you use a Mac you can use Keynote to create your slides. GoToWebinar records your whole screen and shows your whole screen to your audience. The slide show helps you pace yourself throughout the presentation.

To keep people interested in your webinar, right at the beginning mention a secret that you'll be revealing throughout your webinar and towards the end, that way people have a reason to stay on and listen to the entire webinar in order to get access to this secret that you'll be revealing.

The secret can be anything from giving people access to a free report, or sharing a special tip or secret about your industry.

3. Set Up Your Offer Page

You need to send people to a page so that they can purchase your webinar. You can host this page on your blog. In the offer page you want to sell your webinar. It's important that you write some compelling copy. You can even add a video telling people about your webinar.

Talk about the benefits of attending the webinar. Tell people when the webinar is. Tell people how much it's going to cost. You'll need some special code for a payment button. You'll learn how to do this in part 2.

4. Set Up Your Customer Registration Page

Create another new page on your blog. On this page you put some form code for your email autoresponder. We recommend and use Aweber as an autoresponder which allows you to create email lists and forms. This is important because after people have registered you need to be able to get in touch with them to tell them the exact details of the webinar.

You need to be able to send them the link and the date, and on the date of the webinar you need to contact them to tell them you're about to start the webinar. Aweber has tutorials that show you how to create a form. After you create the form you copy the code for Aweber and paste it into your Registration Page.

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