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How to Sell and Transfer Your Website

Selling a website is actually not hard. There are just a few things to know before you start. 1. Find a Website (or two) to sell your site on. Even if you list your site as an auction on one site, you can still list it as a general listing for sale on another website to get more potential buyers. 2. Determine the sale price of your site. There are a few ways to do this. Generally websites that are making a regular profit are calculated at between 18-60 months of profit. Sometimes they can go for more.

For example a website that sells drop shipped items and has an average profit of $1,000 a month could sell for up to $60,000. Sometimes though a site is new and not making income yet and the price is figured on income potential. you can get independent price evaluations of your site from a few websites around. Keep in mind that the prices from these sites can vary greatly, but it is good to see what they value your site at.

Price can also be determined on many factors such as the number of visitors, page-views, income, AdSense income, domain name, category, target country, potential income, SEO score, number of back-links and more. It may seem overwhelming at first, but one thing you can do is to look at other sites for sale that are similar to yours. See how much they are asking and what ones have sold for. If you have a site that you suspect may fetch a hundred thousand dollars or more, I suggest having it evaluated by a professional. They can often point out things that may not be apparent to you, but can increase the value of your site.

Once you are ready, listing your site is usually pretty straight forward. You will just enter your domain name, traffic details, profit and revenue details and some details about your website. You can also upload snapshots of your website and statistics. You can go to your statistics program and take a screen shot of the figures using free software you can find around. If you don't know where to even get statistics, you probably have what is called a cpanel. Try going to yourwebsite.com/cpanel and then click on aw-stats or another stats program. If you have trouble getting to the cpanel, try asking your hosting company.

So what do you do if you do sell your website? How do you transfer it to a new owner? Well first off you want to be sure the payment was received before transferring anything. Generally using PayPal for payment is good, but if you are selling a high dollar site, you may want to consider a Bank Transfer or Escrow. The buyer may also want to use Escrow to protect themselves. Escrow is like a third party that makes sure everything goes through OK. You can learn more about Escrow services on the web, but it is not difficult. Once payment is verified, you can proceed.

Basically a website will have two things. (although some could have more)

1. A Domain Name. Your Domain Name is the URL of your site. The Domain is registered to you and will need to be registered to the new owner. You will need to go to the registrar and login to change the information. You may have registered your domain and then setup hosting with another company, or you may have done it all through one company. Regardless, you need to determine who the registrar is and change the contact and billing information. If you don't know who the registrar is, try contacting your hosting company or try looking it up at Whois.net

2. The Hosting Account Billing. It is possible that the new owner wants to host it with someone other than who you are using. They can request with their hosting company for the site to be moved. They will need an EPP/Authorization key from you before they can transfer it. Ask your hosting company for it and send it to the new owner. If they are keeping the same host, just go into your hosting account and change the billing info and password to the new owners information. You can change the password to something like newowner123 so that you are not giving away yours. They can then access it and change the password to what ever they want.

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