Webinars are a great selling platform, because you have the attendees attention and ability to connect with them as they've shown interest. Most successful webinars that I've participated in involve educating the attendees on a particular topic.
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How To Make Money With Webinars

Webinars are a great selling platform, because you have the attendees attention and ability to connect with them as they've shown interest. Most successful webinars that I've participated in involve educating the attendees on a particular topic.

Don't kid yourself though, it's all selling, education too. Careful planning goes into the slides, creating open loops and selling while educating at the same time.

You will find most people will arrange something special for the webinar attendees to purchase at the end, it could be a special 'bonus' to the first X amount of people or a discounted price too. But whatever the additional benefit is, it's only available to those on the webinar and when the webinar is over, if you choose to not take the hosts up on their offer, you won't have access to it again.

Joint Venture Webinars

I've done approximately seven or so webinars for Local Video Method over the last eight months, which were purely presenting information, doing some Q&A, and I didn't have a single thing to offer in terms of 'selling', just straight up information.

As part of the launch for Local Video Method v2.0 I wanted to reach out to some new audiences. So what I did is put some time and effort into preparing a good webinar that educates and sells at the same time. This webinar is about offline consulting, getting clients, marketing yourself etc, and also talks about the actual process of video reviews as a lead gen, which is what LVM is.

Now people who want to try it themselves, CAN, but if they want to learn how to do it the quicker way, they can purchase. So the webinar provides great value and information, and an offer at the same time.

Now you can go around to people who have lists of what you would consider potential buyers. So for me, I'm going to try and reach out (via Skype, email, VIDEO!) and talk to people who are also in the same niche (offline consulting).

I've now got a prepared webinar, they just have to promote the webinar. We'll do it together (I do most of the talking) and then any sales from that webinar are split typically 50⁄50 (joint venture).

This has worked tremendously well, I've done two JV's for LVM 2.0 in the last month or so totaling just over $17,000 and I have more to come! That's not a lot compared to some other big names, but it's a great start and the numbers are outstanding. 1 webinar converting at 30 percent with an earnings per click of over $12.00!

So I can approach people now with numbers, a complete 'package' and all they have to do is promote it and cash in. They get to provide a high quality product (if I do say so myself) which makes them look good for the recommendation, they have some money in their pocket as do I, and I now have some new clients.

They're a fantastic way to quickly build a list and to get cash and build relationships as they bring a flood of traffic very quickly. I have something to offer and the JV partner has the list!

Webinar Leverage

Most of the time webinars will be recorded and used later down the road which is a great leverage strategy for the webinar itself. You can send out replays to your list to help drive more sales (for those that couldn't make it, forgot, or never got the invite). You can also use the video and cut it up, allowing you to create several videos from one.

I could upload those to Youtube and optimize those for some keywords I'd like to target, driving traffic back to my sales page. I've personally used it as part of the premium content within the Local Video Method membership as a value add. Anyone who purchases Local Video Method has access to the webinar library.

I've also created a six part video series in my autoresponder, that's spread out over two weeks and provides free training to those on my list whom have never purchased Local Video Method. It gives them a taste of what the full package is all about.

You can easily schedule several webinars in a week. That will take some coordination but it's more than possible, each webinar really takes about 2 or so hours to deliver and some admin work on the side to set it up, promote it, but it's hardly a full day's work.

I'm sure there are many more ways to leverage them, but this is how I've leveraged my webinar recordings.

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