Amazon has turned the traditional book selling world upside down with an internet bookstore that's open to all. Within a few minutes of signing up, you can sell used books to millions of customers around the world. It costs you nothing until you make the first sale.
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Love Books? - Easy Way to Earn Extra Income

If you love books, and could use extra money every month, it's time to learn about the fascinating and profitable world of selling used books online. Unlike traditional "bricks and mortar" bookstores, you don't need a lot of money, time or a large inventory of books to get started. in fact, you can be in business in less than an hour.

In just the last few years, Amazon has turned the traditional book selling world upside down, with an internet bookstore that's open to all. This has opened the door to almost anyone who wants to sell books without a traditional storefront. Today, within a few minutes of signing up, you can sell used books to millions of customers around the world. It costs you nothing until you make the first sale.

I stumbled into online book selling three years ago, after buying a batch of books at an estate sale. I only wanted a few of the books, but the auctioneer said it was all or nothing, so I ended up with the entire lot - three boxes worth. I had heard about selling books on Amazon, so I gave it a go.

Imagine my surprise when most of the estate sale books were sold in less than a month. I added up the sales, and found I had made over a $700 profit for about four hours of work. Now I make a steady income selling used books on Amazon, after making a lot of mistakes along the way. Here are some tips to help you avoid my mistakes and make more money on your book sales.

Never buy these "dogs". You'll have a hard time selling:

• Art books. They are hard to sell and expensive to ship, because of the larger sizes.
• Coffee table books. These large format books share the same problems as art books - low demand, low prices and expensive shipping.
• Computer books. Be careful with computer books, as they can become outdated quickly as new versions of software and hardware are introduced.
• Fiction. Publishers tend to print too many copies when they release a new fiction title, which almost always results in low prices later. For example, the bestselling author John Grisham has dozens of his books listed on, with prices as low as a penny.

The real money is found in non-fiction books that you can find at library sales, estate sales and thrift shops. My luckiest find was an investing book found at a garage sale for a dollar that brought over $100 online. That's an exception though, to be honest, and most often you'll find $3-$5 books that can be sold online for $10 to $50. The "how-to" category is always in demand.

Although you can sell used books at other online stores such as eBay, you'll get the highest prices by selling used books at Amazon has a great reputation, millions of books in their "virtual" used book inventory and millions of readers who shop there first.

Selling used textbooks is another potential money making "niche" market, as prices at school bookstores have gotten so high that many students rent, rather than buy, their textbooks. Many older textbooks enjoy steady demand, as the content is timeless.

Selling used books online is an ideal home based business that's fun, profitable and easy to start. Most new booksellers start with their own surplus books, then use the profits to buy more used books at garage and estate sales. If you can spare just an hour a day, you could be making a solid extra income. When the economy slows down, used books sell better, so it's also a recession resistant business. So check your bookshelves and neighborhood garage sales to see if you can find a few undiscovered treasures as well.

Craig Wallin is the author of Used Books Into Gold, the guidebook for online booksellers, and the editor of Extra Income Bulletin, a resource about honest businesses you can start on a shoestring. To learn more about selling used books online, visit: Extra Income Bulletin.

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