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Virtual Assistant's Welcome Kit - Make a Great First Impression

What is a Virtual Assistant Welcome kit and should I have one?

Virtual Assistants can send a welcome kit for to their new clients as a way of introducing them to their business and highlighting important information. If you have not created one yet, don't worry because it is never too late.

A virtual assistant welcome kit is a convenient way to present information and important business forms to your client in a professional way. Your kit can be packaged in an inexpensive folder or created in an electronic format to be emailed. How you send your welcome kit is not important, yet this simple step can be an easy way to establish credibility and build your reputation as a serious business owner and not simply a home typist. You can choose whichever method you prefer or use both methods depending on the needs of a particular client.

What's included in a Virtual Assistant Welcome Kit?

Everyone's virtual assistant business is unique and their kit will be unique as well in regards to factors as the services the Virtual Assistant provides, where their clients live and what their target market is. Although everyone is different, a typical virtual assistant welcome kit includes similar items.

Here are some common elements of the typical Welcome Kit:

An Introduction letter printed on your letterhead
Business cards - include some extra cards for referrals
Your brochure if you have created one
Important Business Forms: work contract, confidentiality agreement
United States Virtual Assistants can include a W-9 Form with your company information filled out for the client's convenience if needed later for tax purposes.
Any promotional material you may have: articles that have been written about your business or that you have written, press releases, testimonials etc.

Optional Items you may want to include:

Promotional Giveaways: items with your logo, pens, calendars, magnets
A Client questionnaire - I try to gather all pertinent information in my client assessment form during the initial consultation, but you may include this if you feel there is additional information you need to understand your client and their business.

What should I write in my welcome letter?

Start by expressing your appreciation for their business and then write a brief introduction of your business and services. You can use this letter as an opportunity to outline your basic policies and work procedures. Even though you will have your policies stated in your contract, you can also highlight any important information you want your client to be aware of in your introduction letter. Perhaps include your working hours, best times and methods for contacting you and your turn around times.

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