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What is Domain Parking?

Domain parking refers to the registration of an Internet domain name without using that domain for a Web site. This may be done with the intention of using the domain name for a future Web site, or to prevent someone else from using that domain name in order to protect a trademark.

Domain parking may also refer to a money making scheme where the domain name is chosen using popular keywords in order to capture type-in traffic. For example, someone wishing to purchase a wigit, rather than going to a search engine, may type "wigit.com" in their browsers address bar. The owner of the domain will place pay-per-click wiget advertisements on the domains default page.

Another use of domain parking is to redirect a domain to another website. This is similar to the method described above, except the domain owner actually has a website where they sell wigets, they just want to capture type-in traffic related to wigits and redirect that traffic to their main Web site.

Another use of domain parking to make money is to re-register expired domain names. A domain that was used as a website and was allowed to expire will still maintain most of its inbound links. Traffics from these links can be minimized through pay-per-click advertisements.

The only people making big money with illegitimate domain parking (that is not used to protect a trademark) are domain registrars and people selling eBooks claiming that you can "get rich quick" with domain parking. For example, traffic to expired domain names will rapidly taper off as Webmaster's remove the expired inbound links.

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