In this article you learn how to choose the topic of your online publication, how to get highly relevant content, how to promote your publication, and where to sell advertising. You are then in a position to grab a share of the hundreds of millions of dollars being spent every day to purchase online advertising.
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Grab a Share of Online Advertising Millions

Advertising - it's everywhere. It's on radio and television. It's in magazines and newspapers. It's on signs and billboards. It's even painted on the sides of cars. There's hundreds of millions of dollars being spend every day to purchase advertising. Why do businesses spend so much money on advertising? Because without advertising, nothing happens - no sales.

Where is the best place for advertising? It's not television. It's not newspapers. It's not any of the other media mentioned above. When businesses advertise in the traditional media, it's an expensive crap shoot. They receive little or no data about how many people viewed a specific advertisement, and how may sales where generated from that advertisement.

When businesses advertise on the Internet, they can monitor exactly how many times an advertisement is viewed and they can measure exactly how may sales were generated from a specific advertisement. That's why Internet advertising is growing by leaps and bounds. In this article, you'll learn how to grab a share of these Internet adverting millions.

There are several ways to earn money from Internet advertising. You could start your own online advertising agency. In other words your business places online advertising for other companies. Or you could be an online publisher. This means you publish on your own web Site, blog, newsletter, ezine, or combination of these.

If you choose to earn money from advertising by being an online publisher, you'll need highly relevant content. Highly relevant content is information that Internet users are interested in and are searching for. Many people are looking for news related to their specific interests, others are looking for product reviews, how-to information, or a variety of other information like, for example, how to make money on the Internet.

Once you've chosen the topic of your online publication, you'll need a source of content. One possible source of content are free article Web sites. There are hundreds of free article Web sites, each providing thousands of free articles. People post their writing on these free article Web sites because anyone who publishes their article must include the writer's resource box at the end of the article. In other words, it's free advertising for the writer.

The problem with free articles is that they're published in multiple places on the Internet, therefore search engines give them a very low or zero pagerank. On the other hand, unique writing related to a subject that Internet users are interested in and are searching for, receives a very high pagerank from search engines. But where do you get unique articles related to relevant subjects? You have to either hire a writer or write it yourself.

There are many Web sites where you can hire freelance writers for very low cost, but paying for content does cut into your overhead. The other option is to do your own writing. You may be thinking "I can't write", but keep this in mind: it's not as important that your writing be grammatically correct as it is that your writing provide useful information in plain simple English. In other words, if you can talk, you can write.

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